August 21, 2012

A Distraction

Suffering from sexual harassment by their school mates, Rei and Asuka’s synch ratios had gone down dramatically.  They were distracted and couldn’t focus on their NERV training.  Hence, Misato was ordered to enact a new initiative.  She would make her body available to those who had been harassing them, thus allowing them to release their sexual tensions.  Having identified Toji and Kensuke as the principal trouble makers, she offered to meet them regularly.  At first it was simple, she performed oral sex on them both and the deed was done.  Soon however, they demanded more than just a simple blow job.  They started feeling up her body, becoming rougher, grabbing her hair and forcing their penises down her throat, making her gag.  Eventually, they decided that even such mistreatment wasn’t enough.  They overpowered her when she refused to let them try outright sex.  Ripping at her clothes, they stripped her almost nude, leaving her tits and cunt exposed.  Taking turns, they held her down and violated her pussy.  While one was thrusting between her legs, the other masturbated while watching, eagerly awaiting the chance to have another go at their new sex doll.  Each of them ended up cuming inside her, then ejaculating once more on her face and body.  Once they were finished, they pulled her up.  Sitting next to her, they played with her tits and nipples, telling her how much better she was than some of the girls they had fucked at school.  “You don’t know what you got yourself into now, slut.  Teasing our cocks with those blow jobs like that.  You knew we’d want more and look how you ended up.  If you want to keep our dicks distracted from Rei and Asuka, then you’d better be here tomorrow too.  You’re ours now, dumb bitch.”

August 18, 2012

Watching in Anguish

Refusing to use her powers in self-defense against non-demonic enemies, Ami urged Usagi to submit to the demands of the attacker that had broken into her home.  She feared that Sailor Moon’s magical strikes could have deadly consequences when applied to an ordinary human.  Now, the princess she was sworn to protect was being raped in front of her by some common thug.  He was slapping her face, ass and even her tits, making her cry out in pain.  Usagi tried to yell for him to stop but it was pointless with her mouth tapped up.  Her assailant kept thrusting into her, trying different positions: Pushing his penis deep inside her while lying on top of her, holding her up while pumping her cunt from below.  It was all very rough and painful.  Telling her how good it felt, he had ejaculated several times during the ordeal.  Her pussy was overflowing with cum as he called her a “bitch” and a “slut”, continuing to rape her.  Tears rolled down Ami’s face as she watched her friend suffer, knowing she’d surely be next as there seemed to be no limit to the rapist’s endurance.  Maybe he was possessed by dark forces after all, giving him such superhuman abilities.  She feared that only once Usagi had lost her mind, letting her body go limb and motionless would he be satisfied.  Then it would be her turn to experience the same torment.

July 12, 2012

Serving Kaji

Moving her head up and down, making lewd sucking noises, Rei was sucking Kaji’s penis.  She said it was orders from Asuka.  Kaji didn’t understand, he sat there bewildered as the pale bitch skillfully used her tongue and mouth on his cock, getting it harder and more erect as she held it in her hand.  Her ass wiggled as she did so, tightly wrapped in her plug suit.  “Does it feel good?” She asked.  “I am required to secure at least one ejaculation. You may use your hands on my body if you wish.” She continued, going back to sucking his dick.  Still stunned by what was happening, he nevertheless began reaching for her, his hands drifting towards her tight young ass.  He wanted to feel it through her firm outfit.  Suddenly, however, he snapped back at the sight of Asuka walking in.  She strolled in with a clearly sexual walk, her slender young body wrapped in that sexy red plug suit.  “Enjoying your gift I see.” She said with her hands on her hips.  “Seems you haven’t even cum yet.  I should have known that useless bitch of a doll wouldn’t know how it’s done.  I told her I’d lay off on Shinji if she helped me out.  But I bet she just started sucking without saying a word, making no effort to seduce and entice you into it.  Alright, let me help out.”  Asuka moved in close, sticking her ass up next to Rei’s.  Her tongue going for his balls, licking them as Rei continued with her blowjob.  “So, how does it feel to get your dick serviced by two horny young sluts like us?” She asked.  Kaji had no chance to reply, the sight of both of them like this, the sensation of their tongues, it was all too much.  His penis twitched in Rei’s hand as he ejaculated a thick load of semen into her mouth.  

July 4, 2012

Filming Rei

“No, wait, keep them on, I think guys like that look.  Just get on the bed now, okay?” Asuka instructed as Rei, nude except for her socks, laid herself down on it.  “But you said it was just for Shinji…” Rei quietly pointed out.  Ignoring her, Asuka continued “Mmm, yes, yes, good, good, now spread your legs a bit.”  She zoomed the camera in on Rei’s face, capturing her reluctant but obedient expression. “Check it out boys, the look of a girl showing you her body for the first time!  What’s your name dear?” Rei looked into the camera “I-I’m Rei Ayanami… please enjoy my body.” She whispered and then looked away.  Asuka panned the view downwards and stopped at Rei’s breasts, zooming in on her nipples, moving the camera side to side.  “You look really great!” she proclaimed and continued moving the camera further down, past her navel and focusing on her vagina.  “Ohh, look at that, she even took the time to shave for us!  What a thoughtful girl!”  Asuka moved in a bit closer, getting a really good view of Rei’s smooth slit and tight anus.  “Do you want to… do you want to see i-inside?” Rei asked.  “I-I’ve seen it in porn films, they always show it like this.” Rei said as she put her fingers around her pussy and spread it apart, revealing her clit, piss hole and pink opening reaching into her womb.  “Ohhhh, you’re really getting the hang of this!” Asuka exclaimed in surprise as her eyes widened.  She moved the camera even closer, getting every detail of Rei’s exposed genitals.  “S-should I masturbate, should I ‘finger’ it?” Rei asked.  “Ahh, umm…” Asuka fumbled for a response, she hadn’t expected this at all.  She just wanted to film her nude.  Now it was turning more sexual than she had anticipated. “S-sure, go ahead.” She said, thinking “let’s see where this goes…”

June 12, 2012

Caged Toy Mercury

It’s been several weeks since her capture.  Locked in a cage, Sailor Mercury was kept nude.  Everyday, random men would enter to have sex with her.  At first, she was scared, always retreating to a corner, forcing them to drag her to them or just fucking her while she held on to the bars.  She’d cry as they penetrated her, telling them to stop, begging them to let her go.  Eventually, she realized they just ignored her, using her body without saying a word, ejaculating inside her despite her protests.  Sometimes, several men would rape her in quick succession.  One after another would fuck her ass and pussy, giving her no chance to rest.  It left her feeling sore, stretched and overflowing with semen.  Soon enough, she grew to accept it, letting them do as they pleased.  At least that way, each session ended quicker.  She’d greet them already on all fours, pushing out her ass and spreading her legs a bit in an almost inviting pose.  They’d choose whichever hole they preferred, fuck it, cum and leave her for the next one.  She had become their masturbation toy.  Soon, however, she noticed them coming by less and less.  It seemed as if they had grown bored of her.  Her total submissiveness made it less exciting for them.  At first she was glad, hoping that they’d let her go.  Before long, though, she began longing for sex.  Her body had grown accustomed to it.  Now, whenever she got a visitor, she really put on a show.  Moaning and thrusting against his hard cock, she found herself wanting to fulfill the sluty role she had been forced into.  Between the sexual encounters, she was now rubbing her constantly wet pussy, masturbating to satisfy her horniness.  The flow of visitors began to increase.  She had won them back by becoming an eager slut they never expected her to be.

May 31, 2012

Anally Raped Mercury

“Nooooo!  Let me go, please!” Sailor Mercury cried as her ass was penetrated.  She had been thrown on a bed, flipped over and had her panties ripped off.  Immediately, a thick, long and hard penis was slowly being pushed into her anus.   Her screams were ignored as the rapist’s cock spread her open.  She cried not just from the pain but also because anal rape had now become her first sexual experience.  She could feel his cock slowly making it’s way deeper into her.  “Fuck, you’re real tight, a lot more than your sluty friends.” He told her.  “Getting a hold of you was definitively worth the effort.”  He continued.  “Noooo, take it out, take it out!  It hurts!” Mercury repeated as she struggled and squirmed helplessly under his grip.  “I sure expected you to be a bit more submissive than this though.  But whatever, I’ll shut your mouth with some dick soon enough. Gonna’ cum deep up your tight lil’ ass first.  So tight that I can barely get more than just the tip of it inside you.  Squeezing so much that I might just cum sooner than I’d want to.”  He continued to push his penis into her slowly, ripping open and spreading her helpless anal hole as she screamed and cried.  “Alright bitch, come on, lets just force the rest all up in there.” He told her as he slammed it in hard.  Mercury gasped loudly as the entire length of his cock tore into her.  Her eyes rolled up as she passed out in simultaneous pain and pleasure, the feeling of a warm liquid pouring into her being the last thing she’d remember feeling. 
Sailor Mercury, held down, screaming and anally raped.

May 24, 2012

Nervous Jupiter

“Ohh, w-wow… You r-really came a lot, huh?  Filled up my pussy so much that it’s o-overflowing.”  Jupiter was saying as she felt the warm cum pouring out of her.  She was trying to make her customer feel good while in reality, she felt really scared and nervous.  Usually, she always fucked with a condom.  This time, however, she really needed the money and let one fuck her bare.  It was for four times her usual fee of course.  Nevertheless, he promised not cum inside her pussy.  She knew the risk of pregnancy but expected him to cum deep up her ass as he had done before.  “It felt really good to feel your pussy squeezing my penis like this.  I’m really glad you let me try it.  Sorry I couldn’t make you orgasm like I usually do.  Your bare pussy just felt too good, made me cum so much so fast!” He told her.  “Y-yeah, it’s okay…” She nervously answered as she tried to squeeze out as much cum as she could, hoping she could still avoid getting pregnant.  “I want to try it one more time, you don’t mind, do you?” He asked while already thrusting into her, not waiting for a reply.  “S-sorry, I… I really should go for now… I…” Jupiter began saying.  Before she could finish, another ejaculation, more sperm was shooting into her womb.  She had given up, she knew she’d end up pregnant for sure.  Just as she began to worry again, however, she realized that she could now whore out her cunt for more money than ever before.  Already impregnated, it wouldn’t matter if her other clients would cum inside her.  She would charge them more for the privilege of doing so of course.  Now over her brief ordeal, Jupiter found a new sense of enthusiasm.  “Mmm yeah, cum inside my pussy as much as you want!” 

Ayanami: Unwanted and Pregnant

“So did you find a buyer yet?”
“Almost, don’t worry, we’ll get rid of her soon enough. She’s still good to fuck for a couple of weeks anyways.”
“Good, I don’t want this bitch dumping a baby on us.  Gotta sell her used cunt before she squeezes it out.  Bitch is getting an abortion otherwise.”

Overhearing them, Rei could feel the baby kicking, moving in her womb.  She wanted to go through with her pregnancy and give birth, she didn’t want to loose it.  Although she was hoping to be sold to someone who would allow her to do so, she knew it was unlikely.  She had already been traded like this a couple times since getting pregnant.  Her current owners weren’t even the ones who impregnated her.  Thus, she expected her new owner to be another pervert with a prego fetish, eager to fuck a pregnant bitch like her.  

April 18, 2012

A Day with Rei and Asuka

“We’re here!” Announced Asuka as she and Rei walked in to the bathroom.  Having just finished taking a shower, Shinji jumped, startled in surprise.  They were both totally naked, their breasts and pussies fully visible.  Rei stood there silently, squeezing her tits together as Asuka walked up to him.  She began rubbing her body against his.  “I know it was just supposed to be us two together today, but I decided to invite her over.  You’re always glancing at her after all, probably wondering how she looks naked.  Not like it’d let you fuck that pale bitch of course, but nothing wrong with a bit of teasing fun, right?” “I… um… sure…” Shinji stuttered, feeling Asuka’s bare brests pressing against his back.  “So get over her already!” Asuka exclaimed, motioning to Rei, telling her to get in front of Shinji.  “There, now look at that skinny, pale body.  Don’t you just wish you could stick your hard dick right inside her fresh, tight pussy?” She continued as she grabbed Rei by the arm, pulling her closer and right up against him.  “I-It’s hard.” Rei said as she glanced down at his now fully erect penis.  “Yup, he’s such a pervert.  Probably dreaming about raping you right now, not that he’s man enough to do it though, haha.  The girl he’s secretly been dreaming of, all naked before him and he won’t even lay a hand on her!” Asuka said as she proceeded to put her hands on his balls, gently feeling them with her fingers.  “Let’s dry him up with our bodies and make his dreams come true!”
            Finishing with their nude teasing, Asuka suggested they give him a bit of a lesbian show.  “So what do you want to see us do, Shinji?  What kind of pose do you want to see us in?” she asked.  Shaking and nervous, he could barely speak.  “It’s probably the only time in your miserable life you’ll get to see two beautiful, nude, young bitches like this, so come on!” Eventually, however, he managed to explain his simple fantasy, getting them lying down on top of each other.  “Like this?” Rei asked as she pressed her breasts and nude body against Asuka’s.  Asuka blushed slightly as she put her hand on Rei’s thigh.  “Wow, she feels really nice and soft, kind of cold but it’s really nice.  It really is different with a girl…” she thought as her nipples rubbed against Rei’s.  “I really want to try this, I wish I could kiss her, hold her tightly.  I don’t want Shinji to see me like that though…He’ll enjoy it too much.”  She thought.  “N-No… not like that, the other way around.  Y-You know, that 69 thing, I… I want to see you girls tasting each other.” Shinji said as he began masturbating.  “Oh, right.  Okay, let’s go on the couch then.” Asuka said as she pushed Rei off herself.
            “You first.” She said as she pointed for Rei to lie down.  Next, she got on top of her.  “Okay, let’s just get this over with, don’t know why I even thought of giving you such a gift… ahhh, mhmm.” Asuka was saying just as Rei ran her tongue across her pussy, making her moan loudly.  “Fuck… t-thisss, this feels, it feels really good!” Asuka cried out as Rei licked at her cunt.  “I-I want to see you too, Asuka.  You too, you do it too.  I want to see you licking another girl’s pussy, Asuka.” Shinji told her.  “Okay, okay, I-I’ll …. Mhmm ahh… I’ll try…” She replied, putting her head down between Rei’s legs, first spreading her pink slit with her fingers, then licking it.  Rei barely reacted, however, continuing to pleasure her with her mouth and tongue.  “It’s really great, it’s beautiful to see you like this.”  Shinji said.  He stepped towards them, getting behind Asuka, putting his hands on her hips, pressing his hard cock against her ass.  “Ahh, what? No, not my ass, not like this.  We haven’t tried anal yet!  Ahhh, mmmm.”  She tried to protest in-between her moans as she lifted her head up from Rei’s pussy.  Ignoring her, he pushed the tip of his penis against her anus, slowly pushing it inside her.  “Ahhh, nooo, it hurts, don’t!” she cried out.  “Don’t worry Asuka, I’ll make you feel good.  I want to make your ass feel good too, as good as your pussy.”  He told her as he pushed his cock slowly inside her.  “Ah, it’s really tight, much better than your pussy, Asuka.  It feels amazing!  Me and Rei will make you feel good Asuka, just let us enjoy your body.”  “Noooo, it’s too much, too much!” She cried out as her mind went blank.  She never thought her first time with a girl and her first anal sex would give her so much pleasure.  Her pussy was wet and twitching while her ass squeezed Shinji’s cock tightly, milking it.  She let her body relax and take it, letting her mind go blank.  She never expected that at the end of the day, it would be her who would end up loosing control like this.

April 6, 2012

Sexual Reward

Finding Sailor Moon and Venus in the dark prince’s chambers and saving them from his clutches, Tuxedo Mask was ready to lead them out of the evil dimension.  Drugged with a mystical aphrodisiac however, they were both being prepared for a night of sexual passion.  Venus had laid herself on the bed, begging for him to penetrate her.  Sailor Moon sat next to her, rubbing her own pussy under her skirt.  She pulled her outfit up to expose her breasts.  Not to be outdone and to entice him further, Sailor Venus ripped the top of her own outfit, exposing her tits.  “Please, fuck me, stick it in my pussy!” she begged.  Sailor Moon sat quietly, blushing and still masturbating her pussy, glancing down at her sex crazed friend.  As Tuxedo Mask stepped closer, Sailor Moon reached for his pants, unzipping them and pulling out his erect penis.  She ran her gloved hands over it, grasping it, jerking it.  “It’s so hard” she whispered as Venus cried out again: “Please, put it in me, fuck my slut pussy!”  He moved towards her, standing between her spread open legs, pushing his cock into her already wet cunt.  “Ahhhh, yessssss!” she cried out as it’s whole length slipped easily into her.  She moaned as her tits jumped with each thrust.  Meanwhile, Sailor Moon moved in closer.  “Me too” she said as she moved her lips to his, opening her mouth as their tongues met in a lewd kiss.  She too was moaning now as he began playing and fondling her breasts.  He knew these two beautiful blond bitches were his to do with as he pleased.  He could hardly wait to try out Sailor Moon’s pussy once he was done with Venus.  “No”, he thought, her ass, first he’d take her anal virginity or maybe have them give a lesbian show…

March 23, 2012

Playful Whore Sailor Mars

“So, are you ready yet?  You want me to put my Sailor outfit back on or do you prefer to fuck me like this?  With just my gloves and heels on?  That’s how the last two guys preferred it.  First one came just from seeing me like this.  Saved me some time.  Second one ejaculated a lot once he felt my gloved hands jerking his cock. So what do you think?  Wanna try me, want a turn at Sailor Mars’ pussy?  Just look at these tits and ass, they’re the best!  Imagine feeling and grabbing them while fucking me.  Sorry, I can’t spread my legs and show you that yet, not until you’ve paid.  I guarantee you’ll like it though.  I really want your bare, hard cock thrusting inside me.  I can’t wait to see how much cum you’ll shoot inside me!”

March 20, 2012

Messy Masturbation

“Mmm yeah, I want it all!  Cum all over me!  Give me more of that hot cum!” Sailor Jupiter moaned as numerous men took turns ejaculating all over her exposed body.  Her legs were spread so they could all see how she masturbated her pussy with a thick vibrator.  A string of anal beads was sticking out of her ass.  These she had been pulling out one at a time between orgasms.  She didn’t mind that some of the men had ripped her outfit to reveal her breasts.  It really got her horny to be showing off like this, feeling semen splashing all over her body.  She heard some of them talking, calling her a filthy cum-slut and wondering whether the other Sailor Senshi were such sluts too.  She knew she was disgracing them by being so perverted but it mattered less and less with each orgasm.  It had become the only way she could drive herself to climax and that was the only thing that mattered to her now.

February 17, 2012

Passive Whore Ayanami

Rei could feel his cock pushing in and out of her pussy.  An older man she didn’t even know was fucking her.  She stared blankly through him, waiting for him to be done with her.  Her silence made the wet sex noises of her penetration all the more apparent.  He grunted as he finally ejaculated, filling her pussy.  He quickly pulled out and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head to his dick.  The last cum shots splashing on Rei’s face.  Having finished with her, he left a pile of money.  She didn’t bother to count it, knowing she won’t get a penny of it anyways.
Once the day is over, Ritsuko or Misato would come to collect it, often calling her a good little whore for having earned it.  If it’s Ritsuko, she’ll also give her birth control pills and take blood samples to check whether she’s been infected with any sexual diseases.   It reminded her how Asuka brought in some boys from her class once, telling them they could freely enjoy her body.  All three of them ended up having a turn at her pussy, ejaculating inside her with Asuka’s encouragement.  It was the fourth time she had gotten pregnant.  She still remembered how hard Ritsuko slapped her afterwards.  Not for the impregnation, for that she gave her a ‘morning after’ pill, but for letting them go without even asking for payment.
Before her thoughts on the matter could continue, two new clients came in.  She lay on the bed, waiting for them to use her.  They took turns fucking her ass and pussy.  She heard them complain about how “this bitch is so quiet, can’t get a response out of her.” “Yeah, she’s like a lifeless fuck doll”.  They moved on to double-teaming her, one forced his penis in her mouth, the other in her pussy.  Thrusting into her until they both ejaculated their loads.  Still not satisfied, one of them slammed his fist into the side of her head, punching her hard.  “Dumb bitch, it’s more fun raping some random whore than using this pale cunt.” “Yeah, let’s go,” the other one remarked.  She ignored them and turned away as they left, waiting for whoever came next…

February 9, 2012

Cum Slut Sailor Jupiter

 “Wow, she looks even better than I imagined!”
“Yeah, just look at her face, she’s a true cum crazed whore!”
“I love how she holds her tits up like that, she really like feeling our hot cum splashing all over them, huh?”
“Totally, just look at how she swirls her tongue, this bitch wants to taste it all.”
“She looks amazing!  I can’t wait to blast my sperm in this slut’s face!  I wish I could fuck her too.”
“That’s later, after the bukkake.  This bitch likes to fuck after her body is all sticky with cum.” 
“Wow, that’s so perverted, what a filthy slut!”

Anorexic Asuka

Having fallen into a deep depression, Asuka had lost her appetite and stopped eating.  At NERV, her sync-rate had fallen beyond acceptable levels.  She overheard Ritsuko call her a useless bitch who’s more trouble than she’s worth, calling for her worthless ass to be deported.  She needed to clear her mind, only the physical sensation of sex could do that for her.  Walking up to Shinji, she showed off her tits and pussy.  “I need it again.” She told him.  “Fuck me.”she said.  He stared up at her gaunt and skinny body. “You look terrible, Asuka.” he replied.  “I don’t want to hear it.  Do it, okay, just fuck me.” She continued.  “Nah, leave me alone, just go eat something, okay?” Shinji told her.  Still not satisfied, she went on: “Fine, I’ll let you do it, I’ll let you cum inside…”  Her voice trailed off as he asked “What?”  She started again: “I’ll let you cum inside me, You can cum inside my pussy if you want.  It doesn’t matter to me, you can fuck me bare.  No condoms. Okay?”  She put her hand between her legs, over her pussy, spreading her fingers and revealing her pink opening, hoping to entice him further.  Now he felt sorry for her, she had sunk so low as to not even care if she got pregnant.  Those thoughts quickly escaped his mind, however, as he felt his penis harden at the thought of ejaculating into her.  Although her body felt like just skin and bones, he hoped her cunt still felt as good as it used to. 

January 30, 2012

Rei - Misato’s Whore

“Okay, looks like she just finished with another customer.  So, $10 and she’s all yours for the hour.  Yeah, it’s pretty cheap.  That’s ‘cause this pale, scrawny bitch is more like a masturbation toy fuck doll than a human.  You won’t get much response out of her, she’ll just sit there silently with her legs spread, letting you cum in her ass or pussy.  Just thrust into her and shoot your load inside her.  Don’t mind her blank expression as she stares down at her own cunt being penetrated.  Seriously, this whore has been fucked daily for a week now and she still acts like it’s something she’s never seen before.  Yeah, no need for a condom if you want to feel her pussy bare.  Not that it matters really, a friend of mine fixed her, the bitch can’t even get pregnant.  Make sure to ejaculate inside her though, doesn’t matter which hole.  I’m just sick of having to clean up sperm from her body between customers.  Anyways, you want her or not, I need my booze money.”

January 27, 2012

Haruka Raped

Standing there impatiently, Haruka waited for an explanation.  She had been called into the teachers office.  She didn’t know why but it was during the one day she had decided to wear the girls’ school uniform instead of the male version she usually wore.  Her intent was to surprise Michiru, who had always told her she looked prettier in it.  Before her thoughts on the matter could continue, however, the lone teacher present suddenly rushed at her.  Grabbing her hand by the wrist, he pulled up her top.  With her breasts now exposed, he proceeded to squeeze and feel them up.  “Ahhck, nooo, let go!”  Haruka cried out as he commented on how nice her nipples looked.  “You look really pretty today, Haruka-chan.  You should dress like this more often, you’d get a lot more attention from the boys.” He commented as she struggled.  “Shame that only another girl has ever enjoyed these big sluty tits.  I bet your dyke pussy has never felt a cock in it either.”  With that, he pushed her down on to a desk.  Pulling her panties aside, he forced his hard penis inside her.  Wincing in pain, Haruka felt herself being spread open.  His cock pushed slowly deeper and deeper in, penetrating and raping her pussy.  “You’re really tight!  I guess you haven’t had much experience with this sort of thing, huh?  I never knew a masculine looking dyke like you could be such a good fuck.  I’ll make you feel like your worthless lesbian lover never could.”  Still in pain, she could feel him pushing faster and harder, going deeper inside her.  She closed her eyes and tried to endure it.  After a while, she felt his penis finally withdrawing.  In no time, however, she was being turned over.  Another teacher had joined in violating her.  She was forced on top of him, his penis entering her.  It wasn’t as bad as the first time but soon she felt a new sensation.  “Let’s see how good this bitch is at anal.” One of them proclaimed as he pressed the tip of his penis against her anal hole.  “Noooo!” she cried out as he pushed it in.  Again, she could feel her insides being forcefully spread apart.  She clenched her teeth as two penises simultaneously raped her ass and pussy.  “Taking double penetration so well, you’re such a cock-slut Haruka-chan.  Your lesbian lover will never want you back now that your body has been disgraced like this.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep this up until you’re addicted to our dicks.  You’ll never want to eat pussy again.”
...and anal rape for Haruka.