May 31, 2011

Good Girl Mercury

“There we go, you’re a good girl now, aren’t you?” the big monsterous creature remarked as he patted Sailor Mercury’s head.  “Y-Yes, I- I’m a good girl” she answered back, trembling.  “You really like the taste of our disgusting penises, don’t you?” he asked.  “Yes, Y-Yes, I l-like them.” She replied, looking straight ahead, trying not to look down at what she was putting her tongue on.  “How many cum loads has our little blue haired cutie swallowed so far?” he inquired.  “I-I… six… umm seven, I, I don’t know…” she tried to answer.  “That many already? You must really love the taste of it, then.  Wouldn’t have thought Sailor Mercury was such a cum loving slut.  You really do enjoy how thick our sperm feels in your mouth, don’t ya?”  “No, I… it’s not like that” she said blushing.  “Alright, alright, maybe you’ve had enough.  Let’s have you lie back and see how much you like having it fill up your pussy.”

Enjoying Mercury

With her hands gripping it tightly, Sailor Mercury sucks the tip of her assailant’s penis, her tongue licking it in her mouth.  Beating her in battle, he promised to spare her life if she did a good job of servicing him sexually.  With her Senshi outfit torn, her mind and body weakened and broken, she had no choice but to agree.  Eating out her ass and pussy, he feasts on the juices of her tight and wet holes.  While she submissively arouses his cock, he probes his tongue deep inside her.  Despite having already ejaculated twice, he still desires more of her body.  Blushing as his tongue excites her vaginal senses, Mercury feels hot sperm erupting inside her mouth, splashing against her tongue.  Thus, she swallows yet another thick, warm cum load.  With his dick still hard, she knows it won’t be the last.   Trying not to give in to the pleasure of his oral stimulation, she wonders how much longer she’ll still have to endure this.