November 25, 2010

Taming Mars

Mars subdued
 Determined to deal with Sailor Mars’ bossy attitude, the Outer Senshi decided to take matters into their own hands.  After defeating the enemy in one of their dark fortresses, they lured her into a secluded area.  Tying her to Sailor Pluto’s staff, they proceeded to grope and feel up her body.  Squeezing her breasts through her outfit, running their hands up and down her legs, feeling her thighs beneath her skirt.  Mars squirmed and tried to get herself free.  “Stay still or you’ll hurt yourself” said Pluto as she sat back and watched Sailor Neptune and Uranus teasing Mars’ body.  “All alone and helpless, you poor thing.”  Neptune said.  “She’ll do quite nicely.” Uranus added as she pulled out her magical sword.  “No, what are you going to do to me?!” Mars whimpered.  “Don’t worry.” Neptune answered playfully.  “We’re just gonna have some fun, that’s all.”  At that, Uranus began cutting into Sailor Mars’ clothes.  She cut one side of her skirt which Neptune then tore off from around her waist.  “I can’t wait to see this bitch naked.”  Uranus said as she cut apart the rest of her outfit.  “She might even be sexier than you, Michiru.”  “It’s okay, I love watching you get so aggressive with other girls.” Neptune replied, holding Mars steady.  As more and more of Mars’ smooth skin was revealed, Uranus began taking off her gloves.  She pulled at them with her teeth while still cutting away, eager to touch Mars’ bare young flesh.  “Noooo, stop!  Don’t!” she cried while blushing with embarrassment .  “Aww, see how cute you look?” Neptune said as her magical mirror hovered in front of Mars’ face.  Finally, she was naked.  Sailor Uranus looked over the tied up body in-front of her, with breasts and pussy exposed.  Her one gloved hand slowly began rubbing her own pussy under her skirt while the bare fingers of her other hand reached towards Mars.  Neptune put her knees over Mars’ ankles to keep the legs spread and looked approvingly from behind at Uranus.  “Don’t hold back, this bitch deserves it.  Do all the things that I’ve never let you do to me.” she said encouragingly.  Uranus grabbed and squeezed one of Mars’ breasts, then ran her finger down her stomach, through her dark, trimmed pubes to her pussy.  Stripped, held and bound, Sailor Mars had become just a piece of fuck meat to her and she would enjoy her as such. 

November 23, 2010

Mako’s Infatuation

Receiving her love-note, he came to meet her as she requested.  Finding her beckoning to the bathroom, they ended up together in one of the stalls.  He told her he wasn’t interested, he didn’t like “big” girls like her, with thick, tall, sporty, well-toned bodies.  Mako would have none of it, she was determined to win his heart.  After all, he really reminded her of an old boyfriend…  Quickly, she took off her skirt, wearing no panties, revealing her smooth shaven pussy.  Next, she unbuttoned her top, exposing her bare breasts.  She barely knew him but was already showing off her body.  “Do you still hate me?” she shyly whispered, “Do you still hate my body?”  She squeezed her breasts together saying “Please, take it out, put it between my breasts.  I will make you feel good.”  Being already hard from her teasing, he did as she requested.  Mako blushed and turned her head away, still, her eyes wandered towards it, glancing at his hard penis.  “It really is like that of my old boyfriend” she thought.  
Lovely Mako-chan

November 20, 2010

Naive Minako Exploited

 “You really think I could be a famous model?” Minako exclaimed in surprise.  They had filled her head with exaggerated stories about what a glamorous life she could lead if only she posed for some photos.  They had exploited numerous such young and dumb, blond bimbos before her.  It was too easy, they loved the praise and attention.  Minako was no different, she had always wanted to be a famous movie star.  Modeling, they told her, was a good way to get “discovered”.  Of course, once they got her started, it would take more than just posing in a bikini.  Take off the top, slip off the bottom, they would soon tell her.  Posing nude was a much faster way to get noticed, she would soon hear.  Eventually, she would give in, baring her breasts and exposing her pussy.  That, however, didn’t seem to land her any acting or modeling opportunities either.  Next, she’d be prompted to do masturbation scenes.  First, just using her hands, then with all sorts of sex toys.  It wasn’t what she wanted, but at least it paid better than just ordinary nude photo shoots.  Soon, she would star in her first video, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy to orgasm.  Seeing how comfortable she had become with her new sluty self, they would quickly “graduate” her to hardcore pornography.  It wouldn’t take long for her fans to become tired of her now explicit sex scenes.  They would move on to seeking new, fresh young faces, losing interest in seeing a whore like her taking it up the ass yet again.  Minako would not be discouraged.  Desperate to maintain her popularity, she set her mind to trying some bondage, maybe even simulated rape scenes…

Sailor Mercury - Degraded and Humiliated

Gagged and handcuffed, forced to wear bunny ears with matching fluffy tail, Sailor Mercury was paraded for her new masters.  She could still feel the pain of the piercings through her nipples, her breasts feeling heavy with the oversized and inflated implants that filled them.  They laughed at her new, degrading, ridiculous and humiliating appearance.  Still wearing the gloves and tiara of a Sailor Senshi, they became symbols of her defeat.  She felt the leash being tugged once again, prompting her to move along.  "Come on, bitch!" they called out at her.  Tears flowed from her eyes as she realized she would remain their sexual slave for a long time to come.  Her body being abused and modified to whatever their fantasies desired.

November 18, 2010

The Sexual Torture of Ami Mizuno

Captured by a perverted sadist, poor Ami is subjected to all kinds of sexual tortures.  Not interested in raping her, he instead attaches all sorts of sexual toys and devices to her body.  Being more interested in her reactions, he inserts vibrators and dildoes into her exposed and vulnerable orifices.  Keeping her bound, her legs are kept spread and her breasts bare, giving a perfect view of her moistening pussy and firming up nipples.  With the vibrators working their way deeper and deeper inside her, her body shakes and squirms. Unable to concentrate on how to proceed next, he gags the helpless bitch to muffle her moans, cries and screams.  

November 11, 2010

Rei Ayanami – Anal Violation

She spread her legs apart, thrusting her ass out, her plug suit tightening around it and between her legs, clearly showing the outlines of her body.  Rei parted her plug-suit open, revealing her anus and vagina.  Bent over, her legs spread, looking back at him over her shoulder, saying “You may enter whichever hole you like.  Both will make you feel good.”  Holding his now hard penis, he stepped towards her, rubbing it between her ass cheeks, the tip of it touching her anus.  She pulled back a bit.  “What’s wrong?” Shinji asked.  “Umm, no, please, make the other one feel good.  Insert it in my pussy.  It’s less painful.”  He hesitated for a moment, rubbing his dick against her vaginal opening, her moistening pussy lips sliding over it.  “I- I’m sorry Rei, I really want to do your ass.  It always looks so good in your plug-suit. I’ve always wanted to try anal sex with you.    Just endure it, okay.” “O-okay, I’ll endure it.” She said in a shaky voice.  Putting his hands on her hips, he aligned his hard cock, pushing the tip of it in and past her anal opening.  Rei closed her eyes and let out a quiet squeal.  He pushed his hard penis slowly into her, letting her feel every inch of it.  He could feel it forcing apart her insides, making a path through her tightness.  Rei arched her back as her eyes teared up, her ass clenching together, squeezing his cock tighter.   Shinji began thrusting into her, fucking her ass hard, forcing his dick deeper and deeper, his balls smacking against her pussy.  “Ahhh” Rei gasped and squirmed and screamed.  “No, not so hard!  Don’t!”  He ignored her protests and continued thrusting, raping her.  It felt so good, he couldn’t stop.  Holding her tightly against him, he pushed his dick in and out of her ass, violating her anus as she begged him to stop.  He knew it was rape but he didn’t care, he wanted her ass, he need it.  It felt better than he had ever imagined. “Please… no more…” she kept on crying.  It was pointless, she was his bitch now, his mind focused on the pleasure of the act.  He kept on fucking, pumping and thrusting.  Almost as if in a trance, he continued the anal rape.  Finally, he felt a release, his semen exploding inside of her, filling up her intestines. He grasped her hips hard and pushed against her, plugging up her hole completely.  Thick, hot cum pouring in to her, filling the bitch up.  “Ah, it’s warm” Rei whispered as she felt the sperm shooting against the walls of her bowels.  Finally, Shinji withdrew from within her, the last few spurts of cum splashing against the outside of her raped anus, dripping down to the pink lips of her pussy.

November 9, 2010

Broken Mercury

Raped and Broken
It was days, maybe even weeks since they captured her.  Helpless and surrounded, she was stripped naked and gang raped for hours.  Enjoying and abusing her body, every part of her was touched and defiled by them.  Once they had finished, she was tied up and left locked up in a cold, dark and empty room.  Each day they would return, raping her once more, filling her ass, mouth and pussy with their cum.  Often, three of them would penetrate her at once, ejaculating simultaneously inside her weak and broken body.  She hated the taste of the semen she was forced to swallow and the smell of it whenever it splattered on her delicate soft skin.  She hated the sensation of their vile sperm filling up her womb each time she was raped.  She hated how they tightened the ropes after each time they had finished with her.  But that was days, maybe even weeks ago, now she could barely feel anything.   Her mind felt empty and her face took on an eternally blank stare.  She had become even less than their bitch or sexual slave.  Now, she was just a mindless, nearly lifeless doll, a sex toy for them to simply cum inside.

November 5, 2010

Jealous over Jupiter

Big Breasted Bitches
While modeling for another lesbian photo shoot, Sailor Mars gropes and feels the giant breasts of Sailor Jupiter.  “What a bitch!” she thinks to herself.  “Getting those implants, she already had the biggest bust of us all!  I had mine done just to match hers, then she goes out and gets hers pumped full of saline and silicone.  And they’re so full and firm too.  Having such naturally big tits or ‘talents’, as her fans like to call them, wasn’t enough for her, fucking slut had to go and have them inflated some more.  Hm, I really do hope we get to do a 69 scene again though.  It always feels so good to get between them, all over them, suck on them, all while she eats out my pussy.”

November 4, 2010

Hotaru’s First Sex

Hotaru gets taken advantage of
“Yup, she’s a virgin, just look at her cute tits and that smooth shaven pussy! You’ll love popping her cherry!” ChibiUsa said. “Yeah, you can cum inside her if you want” she continued. “But I heard you should use a condom” Hotaru shyly murmured as she held one up.  “What? Oh, don’t be silly, Hota-chan. You can’t get pregnant if it’s your first time! Now come on, get on the bed.  We’ll give them a nice lesbian show first.  It’ll make you all wet and horny, make it hurt less too.”

November 3, 2010

Rei Ayanami - Hospital Violation

Rei - drugged, injured and vulnerable
Entering the hospital room, he saw her lying there.  Her body broken, drugged and helpless.  He stepped closer, his penis already out and in his hand.  Grabbing her by the hair, he turned her head to the side, pushing his dick into her mouth.  Instinctively, he began thrusting in and out of it while feeling her breasts through the plug suit.  Her body, though soft, felt cold.  He stepped back, pulling his now hard cock away.  Grabbing her legs by the ankles, he got up on the bed, holding them up above his head.  Holding them together in one hand, he felt up them up with the other.  Running his palm down from her ankles to under her knees to her thighs to her ass, feeling her softness through the plug suit.  Finally, he spread her legs apart, sitting between them.  Parting the plug suit over her vagina, he slowly inserted his hard penis.  Her body felt nearly as cold on the inside as it was on the out.  “She really is just like a sex doll” he thought as he raped her.  As he thrust into her, she groaned, just barely, the injuries and her over medicated state preventing her from doing much else.  Wanting to try a different position, he leaned backwards, going on his back, Rei on top of him.  Holding her by her narrow waist, he thrust into her from below.  Her body failing around lifelessly like a rag doll, her head hanging back with her eyes barely open, her arms knocking back the IV stand.  He closed his eyes, thinking back to the time he had the chance to do this to Asuka.  He could have taken advantage of her then as he was now doing with Rei.  He thought how much better it would have felt to rape that bitch instead of this useless doll.  He had enough, letting Rei’s body go, he let her fall back on to the sheets.  Withdrawing his penis from her pussy, he stepped off the bed.  Standing next to her head, he ejaculated on her face.  As the warm cum splashed on her lips, Rei turned her head away.  He didn’t care, he just wanted to finish, his mind was elsewhere.  He had decided, he had had enough of using this pale, cold body to satisfy himself.  He need Asuka, he needed her warmth, he needed her strength and spirit.  Most of all, he needed her pussy.

Ami & Mako

Ami & Mako - nude
Stepping into the sauna together, arm in arm, fully nude, Ami and Mako were startled to see their friends had already arrived early.  Usagi, Rei and Minako all waved at them, motioning for them to come in and have a seat.  "Let's all enjoy the heat together they said."  Mako sighed and made a disappointed face.  She had hoped for some quiet time alone together with Ami.  Some time to enjoy and explore her delicate young body in private.  Ami, meanwhile, gasped in surprise and relief. She was nervous about the entire event and was already having second thoughts.  With the others here, she knew Mako wouldn't try anything sexual.  Still, her mind raced and her body tingled with the excitement Mako had instilled within her earlier.  It's not like it felt bad to be touched and kissed by another girl, just strange and "different".  Already, Ami was hoping that the others would leave early, leaving her alone and vulnerable to Mako's advances once more.