May 21, 2013

Bisexual Bitches

 “Hi, everyone!  I’m Sailor Venus, the hottest and sexiest Sailor Senshi!  I know you’re all just dreaming about fucking my smooth shaven, tight, young, eager pussy!  What?  You don’t like blonds?  That’s okay!  My sluty, raven haired, fuck buddy of a bitch, Sailor Mars is ready to serve you cock too!”
“Wait, no, don’t say it like that, I’m not into that lesbian stuff…, okay?”
“What, oh… I didn’t really mean it like that… I guess… but wait, I saw you making out with Mercury the other day.”
“No way, I was just teaching her how to kiss next time she’s with her boyfriend.  She doesn’t know that kind of stuff, you know…”
“How about that time you were squeezing your breasts against Jupiter’s big tits?”
“What?! We were just comparing them, that’s all.  Hers are so huge, soft and round, even bigger than ours.  I was just curious how they felt…”
“Eh? And the other week, when you were masturbating while watching Usagi?”
“She was with Tuxedo Mask, I’ll have you know.  I was just dreaming about his big hard cock and what it could do to my pussy.”
“Okay, but you said you don’t mind if I lick your pussy, grab your tits and kiss you deeply though, right?”
“Well yeah, but I also said only if it’s for our fans, if it’s for the money…  But they better pay twice the usual amount!”
“Wha… you’re such a greedy bitch!  Well, there we go, you heard it here folks!  Twice the fuck price to see our lesbian make out show!”
“Ah, don’t squeeze and pinch my nipples like that, Minako!  They’re sensitive you know.  I’m not as used to this kind of stuff like you are!”  
“Don’t worry, I’ll make a truly bi slut out of you yet!  I promise, you’ll love it!  There’s nothing better than fucking and enjoying another girl’s body!”

May 17, 2013

Jupiter’s Interrogation

Captured, chained and bound, Sailor Jupiter spent the last few hours being questioned and interrogated about who and where the other Senshi where.  Kept in an uncomfortable position, her face, exposed tits and ass were slapped repeatedly.  Despite all this, being as tough and strong as she was, she managed to resist and keep their secrets safe.  To prompt and push her further, they began to abuse and stimulate her body more and more.  First, they put a collar around her neck, calling her a worthless bitch who’s only fit for sexual slavery.  Spitting in her face, as she tried to futilely lunge at them regardless of her restraints.  Next, a thick vibrator was slowly pushed up her ass.  She winced, struggled and groaned as it spread her anus open, going half its length inside her before they gave up on forcing it any deeper.  She let out a deep breath and loud moan as she felt her ass settle and tighten around it.  They gave the chained up bitch no time to relax, however, as this was followed by several more dildos and vibrators being inserted into her helpless cunt.  Each one stretched her pussy further and further.  Her body reacted naturally with vaginal juices lubricating them, letting the next one be pushed up into her.  Even if she felt any pleasure from this initially, the pain of her cunt stretched to the limit soon overwhelmed her.  Taking delight in abusing the bitch, they decided to take it even further.  Piercing her nipples with needles, they attached them to tightly wound up wire.  This kept her from even moving in the slightest as the high tension string quickly pulled on her aching and sensitive tits and nipples.  Yet, she still wouldn’t talk.  She still resisted and wouldn’t cooperate with answering their questions.  To complete their work, having finally given up on making the bound bitch talk, they just gagged her instead.  Thus, so they left her, telling her to consider her situation, saying they’ll return in an hour or two.