May 31, 2012

Anally Raped Mercury

“Nooooo!  Let me go, please!” Sailor Mercury cried as her ass was penetrated.  She had been thrown on a bed, flipped over and had her panties ripped off.  Immediately, a thick, long and hard penis was slowly being pushed into her anus.   Her screams were ignored as the rapist’s cock spread her open.  She cried not just from the pain but also because anal rape had now become her first sexual experience.  She could feel his cock slowly making it’s way deeper into her.  “Fuck, you’re real tight, a lot more than your sluty friends.” He told her.  “Getting a hold of you was definitively worth the effort.”  He continued.  “Noooo, take it out, take it out!  It hurts!” Mercury repeated as she struggled and squirmed helplessly under his grip.  “I sure expected you to be a bit more submissive than this though.  But whatever, I’ll shut your mouth with some dick soon enough. Gonna’ cum deep up your tight lil’ ass first.  So tight that I can barely get more than just the tip of it inside you.  Squeezing so much that I might just cum sooner than I’d want to.”  He continued to push his penis into her slowly, ripping open and spreading her helpless anal hole as she screamed and cried.  “Alright bitch, come on, lets just force the rest all up in there.” He told her as he slammed it in hard.  Mercury gasped loudly as the entire length of his cock tore into her.  Her eyes rolled up as she passed out in simultaneous pain and pleasure, the feeling of a warm liquid pouring into her being the last thing she’d remember feeling. 
Sailor Mercury, held down, screaming and anally raped.

May 24, 2012

Nervous Jupiter

“Ohh, w-wow… You r-really came a lot, huh?  Filled up my pussy so much that it’s o-overflowing.”  Jupiter was saying as she felt the warm cum pouring out of her.  She was trying to make her customer feel good while in reality, she felt really scared and nervous.  Usually, she always fucked with a condom.  This time, however, she really needed the money and let one fuck her bare.  It was for four times her usual fee of course.  Nevertheless, he promised not cum inside her pussy.  She knew the risk of pregnancy but expected him to cum deep up her ass as he had done before.  “It felt really good to feel your pussy squeezing my penis like this.  I’m really glad you let me try it.  Sorry I couldn’t make you orgasm like I usually do.  Your bare pussy just felt too good, made me cum so much so fast!” He told her.  “Y-yeah, it’s okay…” She nervously answered as she tried to squeeze out as much cum as she could, hoping she could still avoid getting pregnant.  “I want to try it one more time, you don’t mind, do you?” He asked while already thrusting into her, not waiting for a reply.  “S-sorry, I… I really should go for now… I…” Jupiter began saying.  Before she could finish, another ejaculation, more sperm was shooting into her womb.  She had given up, she knew she’d end up pregnant for sure.  Just as she began to worry again, however, she realized that she could now whore out her cunt for more money than ever before.  Already impregnated, it wouldn’t matter if her other clients would cum inside her.  She would charge them more for the privilege of doing so of course.  Now over her brief ordeal, Jupiter found a new sense of enthusiasm.  “Mmm yeah, cum inside my pussy as much as you want!” 

Ayanami: Unwanted and Pregnant

“So did you find a buyer yet?”
“Almost, don’t worry, we’ll get rid of her soon enough. She’s still good to fuck for a couple of weeks anyways.”
“Good, I don’t want this bitch dumping a baby on us.  Gotta sell her used cunt before she squeezes it out.  Bitch is getting an abortion otherwise.”

Overhearing them, Rei could feel the baby kicking, moving in her womb.  She wanted to go through with her pregnancy and give birth, she didn’t want to loose it.  Although she was hoping to be sold to someone who would allow her to do so, she knew it was unlikely.  She had already been traded like this a couple times since getting pregnant.  Her current owners weren’t even the ones who impregnated her.  Thus, she expected her new owner to be another pervert with a prego fetish, eager to fuck a pregnant bitch like her.