December 10, 2010

Cock Hungry Bitch Asuka

“Ah… no… Asuka, not now, what are you doing?!”  Shinji gasped as she pulled out his penis, putting it quickly in her mouth.  Ever since they started having sex, she couldn’t get enough of it.  Sometimes, she just couldn’t wait.  Her pussy was already wet with anticipation.  She put her lips over it, sucking on it, using her tongue on the tip.  She didn’t care when or where, she just had to have it, feel it, taste it.  She stopped wearing a bra or panties, she had become a cock hungry slut, always ready to fuck and suck.  Feeling his dick erupt with cum, she eagerly swallowed it, looking up at him, showing how much she liked the taste of it.   There was too much and some of it poured out of her mouth.  She didn’t mind, she knew Shinji liked seeing her stained with his semen.  She had become his bitch and was loving every minute of it.

Asuka, Raped at NERV

Asuka in skin-tight plug-suit.
Loving the attention it was giving her, Asuka started wearing her plug suit adjusted to greater tightness.  Putting it on a really tight setting, it would clearly reveal her breasts and ass along with the outlines of her nipples, anus and pussy.  She would wander around NERV headquarters like this, blushing and giggling at all the men who stared at her body.  Day after day, she enjoyed teasing them like this, getting excited whenever they looked at her tits and ass.  Now, however, she was being disciplined for her behaviour.  Before she had known what happened, she was grabbed and dragged off into a deserted part of the base.  There, her assailant ripped open the part of her plug-suit covering her pussy.  Being already hard from seeing her sexy body, he proceeded to rape it.  He pushed his thick penis slowly into her, penetrating and spreading her pink slit open.  Asuka squealed, tears ran down her face as she cried out for him to stop.  But it was too late, her body was reacting instinctively, moistening her vagina, allowing the hard cock to push it’s way deep inside her.  Holding her by the arm, he proceeded to thrust in and out of her, watching her anus twitching through the tight fabric of her plug suit.  Her warm tightness felt better than he had ever hoped and soon he was ejaculating inside the helpless bitch.  His sperm shooting out, flooding her and filling her womb.  Withdrawing his dick, he spurted the last cum shots over her red plug suit, tightly covering her ass.  Semen dripped slowly between her ass-cheeks, down and over the contours of her anus.  Letting her go, he walked away, leaving her collapsed on the floor, crying and shaking, cum pouring out of her raped cunt. 
Raping Asuka