January 30, 2013

Big Breasted Blackmailed Jupiter

Mako made a sad expression as she sat herself down on the first guy’s penis.  It was hard and she could feel it spreading her pussy open.  She didn’t want to do this but it’s what they had requested.  Sex with her in any way they desired.  They wanted her ever since they catching a glimpse of her transforming.  Seeing her body nude that day made them want to fuck her ever since.  Her big breasts made them all the more willing to force the situation, to force her into this predicament.  They all wanted to touch, feel, squeeze and play with them.  Thus, once she had stripped for them, it took no time for them at all to surround her.  With one dick already in her cunt, now all her holes were being used and her big breasts played with.  She started crying, tears running down her face.  They just ignored her, pulling on her hair while a penis was being thrust into her mouth.  Three cocks raping her, fucking her deeper and faster as they got more and more excited.  The experience of group sex with Sailor Jupiter made them hornier and harder than ever before.  She knew they would soon ejaculate inside her, three cocks shooting their seed simultaneously into her.  She also knew this was only the first time of many that she would be raped like this.  She had no choice, she had to endure it and keep them from revealing her secret.  She was theirs to use and defile in any way they wanted and for however long they wanted.