July 12, 2012

Serving Kaji

Moving her head up and down, making lewd sucking noises, Rei was sucking Kaji’s penis.  She said it was orders from Asuka.  Kaji didn’t understand, he sat there bewildered as the pale bitch skillfully used her tongue and mouth on his cock, getting it harder and more erect as she held it in her hand.  Her ass wiggled as she did so, tightly wrapped in her plug suit.  “Does it feel good?” She asked.  “I am required to secure at least one ejaculation. You may use your hands on my body if you wish.” She continued, going back to sucking his dick.  Still stunned by what was happening, he nevertheless began reaching for her, his hands drifting towards her tight young ass.  He wanted to feel it through her firm outfit.  Suddenly, however, he snapped back at the sight of Asuka walking in.  She strolled in with a clearly sexual walk, her slender young body wrapped in that sexy red plug suit.  “Enjoying your gift I see.” She said with her hands on her hips.  “Seems you haven’t even cum yet.  I should have known that useless bitch of a doll wouldn’t know how it’s done.  I told her I’d lay off on Shinji if she helped me out.  But I bet she just started sucking without saying a word, making no effort to seduce and entice you into it.  Alright, let me help out.”  Asuka moved in close, sticking her ass up next to Rei’s.  Her tongue going for his balls, licking them as Rei continued with her blowjob.  “So, how does it feel to get your dick serviced by two horny young sluts like us?” She asked.  Kaji had no chance to reply, the sight of both of them like this, the sensation of their tongues, it was all too much.  His penis twitched in Rei’s hand as he ejaculated a thick load of semen into her mouth.  

July 4, 2012

Filming Rei

“No, wait, keep them on, I think guys like that look.  Just get on the bed now, okay?” Asuka instructed as Rei, nude except for her socks, laid herself down on it.  “But you said it was just for Shinji…” Rei quietly pointed out.  Ignoring her, Asuka continued “Mmm, yes, yes, good, good, now spread your legs a bit.”  She zoomed the camera in on Rei’s face, capturing her reluctant but obedient expression. “Check it out boys, the look of a girl showing you her body for the first time!  What’s your name dear?” Rei looked into the camera “I-I’m Rei Ayanami… please enjoy my body.” She whispered and then looked away.  Asuka panned the view downwards and stopped at Rei’s breasts, zooming in on her nipples, moving the camera side to side.  “You look really great!” she proclaimed and continued moving the camera further down, past her navel and focusing on her vagina.  “Ohh, look at that, she even took the time to shave for us!  What a thoughtful girl!”  Asuka moved in a bit closer, getting a really good view of Rei’s smooth slit and tight anus.  “Do you want to… do you want to see i-inside?” Rei asked.  “I-I’ve seen it in porn films, they always show it like this.” Rei said as she put her fingers around her pussy and spread it apart, revealing her clit, piss hole and pink opening reaching into her womb.  “Ohhhh, you’re really getting the hang of this!” Asuka exclaimed in surprise as her eyes widened.  She moved the camera even closer, getting every detail of Rei’s exposed genitals.  “S-should I masturbate, should I ‘finger’ it?” Rei asked.  “Ahh, umm…” Asuka fumbled for a response, she hadn’t expected this at all.  She just wanted to film her nude.  Now it was turning more sexual than she had anticipated. “S-sure, go ahead.” She said, thinking “let’s see where this goes…”