July 2, 2013

Quality Time with Mercury

Sexual sounds of sucking and licking filled the room as Sailor Mercury bobbed her head up and down over her captor’s penis, occasionally using her hand to feel his balls and jerk the shaft.  Knowing the others would rescue her soon, she submitted to his demands for a blowjob.  He was already getting interested in much more than just fellatio however, feeling up her ass and pulling on her sexy outfit to expose it.  A dildo was already stuffed in her anus to “loosen her up”, as he put it, for round two.  She knew it meant anal rape.  Thus, she was desperately trying to make him cum so as to tire him out for any further abuse of her body. “With a cute and sexy body like this, I bet you’re used to being forced into all sorts of perverted sex play.” He said.  Sailor Mercury shuffled around and whimpered as his pulling of her outfit was causing it to press and pull against her pussy.  “No, no more, please, let me go!” she protested, pulling her mouth off his cock.  Ignoring her, he pushed her head back down on his cock, making her gag on it all the while smacking her ass hard.  She coughed and choked a bit before recovering then continuing to suck as before.  “Mmm, yeah, that’s a good slut.  Don’t worry, your friends are going to find you soon like they always do.  I’ll make good use of your whole body until then though.  Fuck every one of your cute tight sex holes until you pass out.  Fill up your womb with sperm.  I wish this blowjob would last forever, you look your best sucking dick.  Wish we had more time but I didn’t go through all this trouble capturing a sexy Sailor Slut without trying out her pussy.  Now then, lets see how your mouth looks when it’s moaning and squealing as a hard cock slams into your cunt.”