April 29, 2013

Minako's Lingerie Bukkake

Considering herself a high class whore, Minako wanted to give her clients the sexiest bukkake they had ever experienced.  Thus, she had picked out the most expensive, beautiful and sexy lingerie she could find.  It was a shame that it would be ruined by the end of the session but it didn’t matter.  After the first five minutes, she had already earned enough money to pay it back.  Kneeling in the middle of the room and leaning back with her tits exposed, she let herself become a cum target for half an hour.  Although many guys ejaculated just from the sight of their idol in such a sluty pose and outfit, she nevertheless kept her mouth open for those who wanted a more direct approach.  It didn’t take long for her fans and customers to coat her face, tongue and hair.  Cum splashed over her tongue and she didn’t mind the taste of it.  Others took the chance to shoot sperm all over her breasts, arms and stocking covered legs.  She could feel the warmth of the stick seed all over her body, soon it was even soaking through her sexy lingerie. Cumshot after cumshot splattered against her already moist and stick exposed skin.  It flowed and dripped off her face as well as her sensitive nipples and pussy.  As she kept her eyes closed, it was easy for her to focus on the sensation.  Her whole body was becoming aroused, her cunt more and more eager for sex.  She wanted it more and more, she wanted all these cocks to be fucking her instead.  She wanted each of them to cum inside her horny whore pussy.  Yet, she kept still and let them all finish.  She could, after all, invite them all for a group sex orgy next time, even charge them twice as much as for this mere bukkake meeting.

April 12, 2013

Sailor Moon’s Anal Trailer

“Come on, say your lines, bitch!” The director yelled while pointing the camera at her cum and tear soaked face, getting a good close up of her pained expression.  There was silence for a while, only the moist squishing sounds of a hard cock pumping in and out of her tight and sore ass.  She tried to open her eyes and smile, “I- I’m… M-My name is S-Sailor Moon…”  She winced “ahhh…” as the cock was rammed even deeper into her.  “Come on bitch, keep holding your ass open and talk, useless slut.” The director told her.  “I-I… l-lo… I love it up the ass…” she continued.  “P-please fuck me hard, I love it up the ass!” She finally managed to say.  The thick hard penis continued to penetrate her as she spoke.  “My first… first anal sex captured on film, please buy it next month!”  She blurted out quickly while trying to endure another deep hard thrust into her anus.  “I suppose that will have to do.” He said while putting down the camera in front of her, then pressing his hard penis against her face. “Now your mouth is free for scene two, oral action!”