August 21, 2012

A Distraction

Suffering from sexual harassment by their school mates, Rei and Asuka’s synch ratios had gone down dramatically.  They were distracted and couldn’t focus on their NERV training.  Hence, Misato was ordered to enact a new initiative.  She would make her body available to those who had been harassing them, thus allowing them to release their sexual tensions.  Having identified Toji and Kensuke as the principal trouble makers, she offered to meet them regularly.  At first it was simple, she performed oral sex on them both and the deed was done.  Soon however, they demanded more than just a simple blow job.  They started feeling up her body, becoming rougher, grabbing her hair and forcing their penises down her throat, making her gag.  Eventually, they decided that even such mistreatment wasn’t enough.  They overpowered her when she refused to let them try outright sex.  Ripping at her clothes, they stripped her almost nude, leaving her tits and cunt exposed.  Taking turns, they held her down and violated her pussy.  While one was thrusting between her legs, the other masturbated while watching, eagerly awaiting the chance to have another go at their new sex doll.  Each of them ended up cuming inside her, then ejaculating once more on her face and body.  Once they were finished, they pulled her up.  Sitting next to her, they played with her tits and nipples, telling her how much better she was than some of the girls they had fucked at school.  “You don’t know what you got yourself into now, slut.  Teasing our cocks with those blow jobs like that.  You knew we’d want more and look how you ended up.  If you want to keep our dicks distracted from Rei and Asuka, then you’d better be here tomorrow too.  You’re ours now, dumb bitch.”

August 18, 2012

Watching in Anguish

Refusing to use her powers in self-defense against non-demonic enemies, Ami urged Usagi to submit to the demands of the attacker that had broken into her home.  She feared that Sailor Moon’s magical strikes could have deadly consequences when applied to an ordinary human.  Now, the princess she was sworn to protect was being raped in front of her by some common thug.  He was slapping her face, ass and even her tits, making her cry out in pain.  Usagi tried to yell for him to stop but it was pointless with her mouth tapped up.  Her assailant kept thrusting into her, trying different positions: Pushing his penis deep inside her while lying on top of her, holding her up while pumping her cunt from below.  It was all very rough and painful.  Telling her how good it felt, he had ejaculated several times during the ordeal.  Her pussy was overflowing with cum as he called her a “bitch” and a “slut”, continuing to rape her.  Tears rolled down Ami’s face as she watched her friend suffer, knowing she’d surely be next as there seemed to be no limit to the rapist’s endurance.  Maybe he was possessed by dark forces after all, giving him such superhuman abilities.  She feared that only once Usagi had lost her mind, letting her body go limb and motionless would he be satisfied.  Then it would be her turn to experience the same torment.