June 12, 2012

Caged Toy Mercury

It’s been several weeks since her capture.  Locked in a cage, Sailor Mercury was kept nude.  Everyday, random men would enter to have sex with her.  At first, she was scared, always retreating to a corner, forcing them to drag her to them or just fucking her while she held on to the bars.  She’d cry as they penetrated her, telling them to stop, begging them to let her go.  Eventually, she realized they just ignored her, using her body without saying a word, ejaculating inside her despite her protests.  Sometimes, several men would rape her in quick succession.  One after another would fuck her ass and pussy, giving her no chance to rest.  It left her feeling sore, stretched and overflowing with semen.  Soon enough, she grew to accept it, letting them do as they pleased.  At least that way, each session ended quicker.  She’d greet them already on all fours, pushing out her ass and spreading her legs a bit in an almost inviting pose.  They’d choose whichever hole they preferred, fuck it, cum and leave her for the next one.  She had become their masturbation toy.  Soon, however, she noticed them coming by less and less.  It seemed as if they had grown bored of her.  Her total submissiveness made it less exciting for them.  At first she was glad, hoping that they’d let her go.  Before long, though, she began longing for sex.  Her body had grown accustomed to it.  Now, whenever she got a visitor, she really put on a show.  Moaning and thrusting against his hard cock, she found herself wanting to fulfill the sluty role she had been forced into.  Between the sexual encounters, she was now rubbing her constantly wet pussy, masturbating to satisfy her horniness.  The flow of visitors began to increase.  She had won them back by becoming an eager slut they never expected her to be.