January 30, 2012

Rei - Misato’s Whore

“Okay, looks like she just finished with another customer.  So, $10 and she’s all yours for the hour.  Yeah, it’s pretty cheap.  That’s ‘cause this pale, scrawny bitch is more like a masturbation toy fuck doll than a human.  You won’t get much response out of her, she’ll just sit there silently with her legs spread, letting you cum in her ass or pussy.  Just thrust into her and shoot your load inside her.  Don’t mind her blank expression as she stares down at her own cunt being penetrated.  Seriously, this whore has been fucked daily for a week now and she still acts like it’s something she’s never seen before.  Yeah, no need for a condom if you want to feel her pussy bare.  Not that it matters really, a friend of mine fixed her, the bitch can’t even get pregnant.  Make sure to ejaculate inside her though, doesn’t matter which hole.  I’m just sick of having to clean up sperm from her body between customers.  Anyways, you want her or not, I need my booze money.”

January 27, 2012

Haruka Raped

Standing there impatiently, Haruka waited for an explanation.  She had been called into the teachers office.  She didn’t know why but it was during the one day she had decided to wear the girls’ school uniform instead of the male version she usually wore.  Her intent was to surprise Michiru, who had always told her she looked prettier in it.  Before her thoughts on the matter could continue, however, the lone teacher present suddenly rushed at her.  Grabbing her hand by the wrist, he pulled up her top.  With her breasts now exposed, he proceeded to squeeze and feel them up.  “Ahhck, nooo, let go!”  Haruka cried out as he commented on how nice her nipples looked.  “You look really pretty today, Haruka-chan.  You should dress like this more often, you’d get a lot more attention from the boys.” He commented as she struggled.  “Shame that only another girl has ever enjoyed these big sluty tits.  I bet your dyke pussy has never felt a cock in it either.”  With that, he pushed her down on to a desk.  Pulling her panties aside, he forced his hard penis inside her.  Wincing in pain, Haruka felt herself being spread open.  His cock pushed slowly deeper and deeper in, penetrating and raping her pussy.  “You’re really tight!  I guess you haven’t had much experience with this sort of thing, huh?  I never knew a masculine looking dyke like you could be such a good fuck.  I’ll make you feel like your worthless lesbian lover never could.”  Still in pain, she could feel him pushing faster and harder, going deeper inside her.  She closed her eyes and tried to endure it.  After a while, she felt his penis finally withdrawing.  In no time, however, she was being turned over.  Another teacher had joined in violating her.  She was forced on top of him, his penis entering her.  It wasn’t as bad as the first time but soon she felt a new sensation.  “Let’s see how good this bitch is at anal.” One of them proclaimed as he pressed the tip of his penis against her anal hole.  “Noooo!” she cried out as he pushed it in.  Again, she could feel her insides being forcefully spread apart.  She clenched her teeth as two penises simultaneously raped her ass and pussy.  “Taking double penetration so well, you’re such a cock-slut Haruka-chan.  Your lesbian lover will never want you back now that your body has been disgraced like this.  Don’t worry, we’ll keep this up until you’re addicted to our dicks.  You’ll never want to eat pussy again.”
...and anal rape for Haruka.