July 2, 2013

Quality Time with Mercury

Sexual sounds of sucking and licking filled the room as Sailor Mercury bobbed her head up and down over her captor’s penis, occasionally using her hand to feel his balls and jerk the shaft.  Knowing the others would rescue her soon, she submitted to his demands for a blowjob.  He was already getting interested in much more than just fellatio however, feeling up her ass and pulling on her sexy outfit to expose it.  A dildo was already stuffed in her anus to “loosen her up”, as he put it, for round two.  She knew it meant anal rape.  Thus, she was desperately trying to make him cum so as to tire him out for any further abuse of her body. “With a cute and sexy body like this, I bet you’re used to being forced into all sorts of perverted sex play.” He said.  Sailor Mercury shuffled around and whimpered as his pulling of her outfit was causing it to press and pull against her pussy.  “No, no more, please, let me go!” she protested, pulling her mouth off his cock.  Ignoring her, he pushed her head back down on his cock, making her gag on it all the while smacking her ass hard.  She coughed and choked a bit before recovering then continuing to suck as before.  “Mmm, yeah, that’s a good slut.  Don’t worry, your friends are going to find you soon like they always do.  I’ll make good use of your whole body until then though.  Fuck every one of your cute tight sex holes until you pass out.  Fill up your womb with sperm.  I wish this blowjob would last forever, you look your best sucking dick.  Wish we had more time but I didn’t go through all this trouble capturing a sexy Sailor Slut without trying out her pussy.  Now then, lets see how your mouth looks when it’s moaning and squealing as a hard cock slams into your cunt.”

June 12, 2013


“Ah, sorry, Mako-chan, it was just too much seeing you in that sexy Sailor Jupiter outfit and on your knees like this.  I found out about how you like to meet guys in this secret place so I figured I would check it out.  I didn’t think you would be so direct and go for my cock right away like this.  Just feeling the sexy soft touch of your gloves made me shoot so much all over your pretty face.  So sorry, you really are beautiful and I’ve always admired you, much more than the other Sailor Senshi.  I never imagined you’d could be such a slut with strangers.  I just wanted to ask you out on a date, I guess that would be kind of awkward now… Aww, you’re blushing now, you’re so cute, even with all that semen dripping off your face.  You must be really shocked, finding a guy that wants to get to know you instead of just get a quick blow job.  But I think you must enjoy that kind of quick thrill, even tit fucking a few of the guys that can outlast your hands and mouth… Sorry, I should have said something before you started, I just wanted to talk to the girl I’ve always loved.  I know you’re surprised but don’t worry, lets just forget about it, okay?  Maybe I’ll come by again tomorrow, I don’t mind giving you just another dick to play with."

May 21, 2013

Bisexual Bitches

 “Hi, everyone!  I’m Sailor Venus, the hottest and sexiest Sailor Senshi!  I know you’re all just dreaming about fucking my smooth shaven, tight, young, eager pussy!  What?  You don’t like blonds?  That’s okay!  My sluty, raven haired, fuck buddy of a bitch, Sailor Mars is ready to serve you cock too!”
“Wait, no, don’t say it like that, I’m not into that lesbian stuff…, okay?”
“What, oh… I didn’t really mean it like that… I guess… but wait, I saw you making out with Mercury the other day.”
“No way, I was just teaching her how to kiss next time she’s with her boyfriend.  She doesn’t know that kind of stuff, you know…”
“How about that time you were squeezing your breasts against Jupiter’s big tits?”
“What?! We were just comparing them, that’s all.  Hers are so huge, soft and round, even bigger than ours.  I was just curious how they felt…”
“Eh? And the other week, when you were masturbating while watching Usagi?”
“She was with Tuxedo Mask, I’ll have you know.  I was just dreaming about his big hard cock and what it could do to my pussy.”
“Okay, but you said you don’t mind if I lick your pussy, grab your tits and kiss you deeply though, right?”
“Well yeah, but I also said only if it’s for our fans, if it’s for the money…  But they better pay twice the usual amount!”
“Wha… you’re such a greedy bitch!  Well, there we go, you heard it here folks!  Twice the fuck price to see our lesbian make out show!”
“Ah, don’t squeeze and pinch my nipples like that, Minako!  They’re sensitive you know.  I’m not as used to this kind of stuff like you are!”  
“Don’t worry, I’ll make a truly bi slut out of you yet!  I promise, you’ll love it!  There’s nothing better than fucking and enjoying another girl’s body!”

May 17, 2013

Jupiter’s Interrogation

Captured, chained and bound, Sailor Jupiter spent the last few hours being questioned and interrogated about who and where the other Senshi where.  Kept in an uncomfortable position, her face, exposed tits and ass were slapped repeatedly.  Despite all this, being as tough and strong as she was, she managed to resist and keep their secrets safe.  To prompt and push her further, they began to abuse and stimulate her body more and more.  First, they put a collar around her neck, calling her a worthless bitch who’s only fit for sexual slavery.  Spitting in her face, as she tried to futilely lunge at them regardless of her restraints.  Next, a thick vibrator was slowly pushed up her ass.  She winced, struggled and groaned as it spread her anus open, going half its length inside her before they gave up on forcing it any deeper.  She let out a deep breath and loud moan as she felt her ass settle and tighten around it.  They gave the chained up bitch no time to relax, however, as this was followed by several more dildos and vibrators being inserted into her helpless cunt.  Each one stretched her pussy further and further.  Her body reacted naturally with vaginal juices lubricating them, letting the next one be pushed up into her.  Even if she felt any pleasure from this initially, the pain of her cunt stretched to the limit soon overwhelmed her.  Taking delight in abusing the bitch, they decided to take it even further.  Piercing her nipples with needles, they attached them to tightly wound up wire.  This kept her from even moving in the slightest as the high tension string quickly pulled on her aching and sensitive tits and nipples.  Yet, she still wouldn’t talk.  She still resisted and wouldn’t cooperate with answering their questions.  To complete their work, having finally given up on making the bound bitch talk, they just gagged her instead.  Thus, so they left her, telling her to consider her situation, saying they’ll return in an hour or two.

April 29, 2013

Minako's Lingerie Bukkake

Considering herself a high class whore, Minako wanted to give her clients the sexiest bukkake they had ever experienced.  Thus, she had picked out the most expensive, beautiful and sexy lingerie she could find.  It was a shame that it would be ruined by the end of the session but it didn’t matter.  After the first five minutes, she had already earned enough money to pay it back.  Kneeling in the middle of the room and leaning back with her tits exposed, she let herself become a cum target for half an hour.  Although many guys ejaculated just from the sight of their idol in such a sluty pose and outfit, she nevertheless kept her mouth open for those who wanted a more direct approach.  It didn’t take long for her fans and customers to coat her face, tongue and hair.  Cum splashed over her tongue and she didn’t mind the taste of it.  Others took the chance to shoot sperm all over her breasts, arms and stocking covered legs.  She could feel the warmth of the stick seed all over her body, soon it was even soaking through her sexy lingerie. Cumshot after cumshot splattered against her already moist and stick exposed skin.  It flowed and dripped off her face as well as her sensitive nipples and pussy.  As she kept her eyes closed, it was easy for her to focus on the sensation.  Her whole body was becoming aroused, her cunt more and more eager for sex.  She wanted it more and more, she wanted all these cocks to be fucking her instead.  She wanted each of them to cum inside her horny whore pussy.  Yet, she kept still and let them all finish.  She could, after all, invite them all for a group sex orgy next time, even charge them twice as much as for this mere bukkake meeting.

April 12, 2013

Sailor Moon’s Anal Trailer

“Come on, say your lines, bitch!” The director yelled while pointing the camera at her cum and tear soaked face, getting a good close up of her pained expression.  There was silence for a while, only the moist squishing sounds of a hard cock pumping in and out of her tight and sore ass.  She tried to open her eyes and smile, “I- I’m… M-My name is S-Sailor Moon…”  She winced “ahhh…” as the cock was rammed even deeper into her.  “Come on bitch, keep holding your ass open and talk, useless slut.” The director told her.  “I-I… l-lo… I love it up the ass…” she continued.  “P-please fuck me hard, I love it up the ass!” She finally managed to say.  The thick hard penis continued to penetrate her as she spoke.  “My first… first anal sex captured on film, please buy it next month!”  She blurted out quickly while trying to endure another deep hard thrust into her anus.  “I suppose that will have to do.” He said while putting down the camera in front of her, then pressing his hard penis against her face. “Now your mouth is free for scene two, oral action!”

March 16, 2013

Mako’s Dick Dreams

My name is Makoto Kino and I’m a slut.  Whenever I see a hot guy who reminds me of an old boyfriend, I have to get them in bed.  I want their cock, badly.  Especially when it’s so big… so hard…, I hope he fucks me hard with it.  I want it up my ass and cunt.  I really want to taste that thick warm cum, swallow it all.  Next, I’d get him erect again, feel his seed pouring inside me, overflowing my waiting wet pussy!  I think it’s as hard as it will get but I really want to lick and taste it some more.  So stiff, it’d make any slut willingly submit her body to be ravaged by it.  I hope he can get it just as hard once I suck him off and swallow all that sperm.  I wonder how far in I can take it.  Will it go deeper down my throat or up my ass or pussy? I need it fully hard and ready for fucking, I want to try it all.

March 11, 2013

Ami’s Lesson in Prostitution

“No, don’t do it inside!  You promised you’d pull out!” Ami cried out as she was being fucked hard and raw.  “Ha, I paid for your body and I’ll do what I want with it. You think I’d pass up the chance to cum inside a fine, fresh, smooth, soft, pale and untouched young body as yours?  You’re a pretty dumb bitch to be charging so low for it too.  Sluts like your friends Rei and Minako charge twice as much and they’re already used up whores.  Fresh meat like you usually goes for five times the cost.  And not even making me use a condom either.  I’ll give you a good, thick, cum load inside your ass and cunt.  But don’t worry, I’ll pay you extra.  After all, I want you to be grateful and willing to spread your legs the next time I come around.  Alright, here it comes, bitch.”  With that, he grabbed her by the arm, pulling and keeping her in place.  She could feel his penis twitching and ejaculating, pouring warm semen inside her unprotected pussy, her womb flooding with sperm.  Suddenly, it stopped.  “There… hah,  … you see…, I pulled out” he said in gasps.  Immediately however, he pushed it back in, this time right into her tight anal hole.  Unprepared for this, Ami squealed in pain as her ass was spread open.  He hadn’t finish ejaculating, the last spurt of his lengthy orgasm shooting right into her anus.  “There, a filled up slut just as promised.  Next time you’ll know better.”

March 6, 2013

Pregnant Prostitution

          They were all whores in need of cash.  There was no faster way to earn it than to let as many men cum inside their cunts as possible.  Sailor Mercury ended up pregnant first.  This wasn’t surprising.  After all, the cute bitch has the most fans wanting to try out her fresh, tight, young blue haired pussy.  In the first week alone, twice as many guys ejaculated inside her cunt as any of the other Sailor Sluts combined.  Everyone wanted to be the lucky one to seed her willing womb.  
Next was Jupiter, her fertile womb inseminated with triplets.  As much as all the guys wanted to cum all over her tits, they always stuffed their cocks in her cunt after a good tit fuck, shooting off loads of semen inside of her. Her swelling pregnant belly soon complimented her big tits nicely.  Guys loved cuming all over it just as much as on her breasts.  Sailor Moon was apprehensive at first but once she found out she was pregnant too, she happily milked cock after hard cock with her horny pussy.  For Venus and Mars, pregnancy was nothing new.  Both experienced sluts who fucked around before whoring as they were now, they had been pregnant before.  Even though both also had abortions for their first pregnancies, they decided to keep and birth their current whore babies.  They were making more money being fucked as pregnant bitches and wanted to draw out the profits for as long as possible. 
Thus, so they continued for weeks on end, sucking off cocks and letting the sperm splatter all over their pregnant bellies.  Letting others fuck and overflow their prego pussies while grabbing their milk swollen tits.  All moaning with cum splashing everywhere, they carried on with their group fuck prego get-togethers. Soon, however, their customers became tired of just fucking the pregnant bitches.  Bringing in some bondage gear, they got more playful with them.  Mercury got it the worst.  Since she was being fucked the most, all kinds of things were tried on her.  Whips, chains, gags and numerous types of restraints were put on the helpless prego whore. It was a rare treat for them to get the chance to exploit a pregnant bitch like this.  Even her tits ended up getting milked during some of her fuck sessions.  There was more at work here than just a sadistic desire to abuse a submissive bitch, however.  With Mercury being the most vocal about wanting to terminate her pregnancy no matter how far along her pregnancy was, her admirers, fans and customers decided to take matters into their own hands.  The bitch would be kept bound, fucked and passed around until her nine months were up, forcing the whore to take responsibility for allowing her womb to be impregnated.  The others didn’t much care for her ordeal.  Moon was addicted to cocks and thus too distracted to care, while Mars and Venus would give birth anyways so they didn’t see why Mercury shouldn’t.  They even loved seeing Mercury forced into such degrading situations as punishment for not wanting to join them. Jupiter, meanwhile, was fascinated by her own pregnant self and couldn’t wait for the experience of squeezing out three in a row, wondering if she’d be strong enough to do so.  
Fun with prego Mercury

January 30, 2013

Big Breasted Blackmailed Jupiter

Mako made a sad expression as she sat herself down on the first guy’s penis.  It was hard and she could feel it spreading her pussy open.  She didn’t want to do this but it’s what they had requested.  Sex with her in any way they desired.  They wanted her ever since they catching a glimpse of her transforming.  Seeing her body nude that day made them want to fuck her ever since.  Her big breasts made them all the more willing to force the situation, to force her into this predicament.  They all wanted to touch, feel, squeeze and play with them.  Thus, once she had stripped for them, it took no time for them at all to surround her.  With one dick already in her cunt, now all her holes were being used and her big breasts played with.  She started crying, tears running down her face.  They just ignored her, pulling on her hair while a penis was being thrust into her mouth.  Three cocks raping her, fucking her deeper and faster as they got more and more excited.  The experience of group sex with Sailor Jupiter made them hornier and harder than ever before.  She knew they would soon ejaculate inside her, three cocks shooting their seed simultaneously into her.  She also knew this was only the first time of many that she would be raped like this.  She had no choice, she had to endure it and keep them from revealing her secret.  She was theirs to use and defile in any way they wanted and for however long they wanted.