August 1, 2011

Cute Whore Usagi-chan

“Wow, you’ve gotten so hard just from seeing me nude like this?  It feels so firm in my hand, you’re really ready to fuck, aren’t ya?  Which hole do you want me to stick it in?  It’s double the price for anal sex but it always makes me moan so much more.  Mmm yeah, I really love it up the ass.  You can even spank and smack it hard too if you want.  If you want to fuck my pussy, that’s okay too.  I’ll even let you cum inside, no condoms or anything.  I love feeling that hot semen filling me up.  It makes me orgasm really hard!   Guys love cuming all over my cute face too, you’ll want to try that too, right?  It costs a bit extra.  It’s not because I hate it or anything, but it’s just such a mess to clean up.  Once we’re done, be sure to tell all your friends about me!”