August 1, 2011

Cute Whore Usagi-chan

“Wow, you’ve gotten so hard just from seeing me nude like this?  It feels so firm in my hand, you’re really ready to fuck, aren’t ya?  Which hole do you want me to stick it in?  It’s double the price for anal sex but it always makes me moan so much more.  Mmm yeah, I really love it up the ass.  You can even spank and smack it hard too if you want.  If you want to fuck my pussy, that’s okay too.  I’ll even let you cum inside, no condoms or anything.  I love feeling that hot semen filling me up.  It makes me orgasm really hard!   Guys love cuming all over my cute face too, you’ll want to try that too, right?  It costs a bit extra.  It’s not because I hate it or anything, but it’s just such a mess to clean up.  Once we’re done, be sure to tell all your friends about me!”

July 4, 2011

Tentacle Restrained and Raped

Sailor Moon - Assaulted by Tentacles
Sailor Moon was scared, she was petrified, shaking with fear.  She was held down and helpless.  Slimy, moist tentacles were wrapping themselves over her whole body.  Tighter and tighter around her arms and legs, holding her down and ready to firm up if she moved too much.  She felt them rubbing against her breasts and pussy beneath her outfit.  She had seen what such tentacles can do, having seen her friends raped, penetrated and even impregnated by them.  They could even snake their way all the way through a girl, violating her insides.  Usually, she was the one to save them.  Now, however, she was finally caught all alone.  She felt them pushing down her throat, ejaculating a thick, hot liquid.  She tried shaking her head, struggling against the pressure.  It was no use, she felt the tentacles around her throat tighten.  If she kept resisting, they would strangle and suffocate her.  There was no choice but to remain passive, letting herself be raped and used.  Her eyes teared-up as she realized she might have to endure this for a long time to come.

Video Tease Slut Sailor Moon

“Yes, that’s it, just a bit more, bend over a bit more.  That’s great, keep it like that.”  The photographer called to Sailor Moon.  Her nipples and pussy almost showing through the tight outfit, with her ass pushing out from under her skirt, she was posing for the cover of her latest erotic video series.  Even though it was mostly tease shots of her tits giggling with various views up her skirt, she still wanted her fans to enjoy it as much as they could without seeing her fully nude yet.  She even lied in the video’s opening interview, saying she didn’t have a boyfriend and was still a virgin.  Although her sluty poses and body might betray her, she knew it would make her all the more desirable.  She looked over her shoulder and tried to make a cute face as the camera panned up over her legs to her ass.  “We can use this for the ‘behind-the-scenes/making-off’ section of the video” the photographer said, now using a video camera.  The frame moved over her tiny panties, barely covering her pussy with just a string going over her anus.  “How about spreading your ass a bit? “ He said.  “Sure” she replied, doing so.  She really wanted her fans to enjoy every part of her.  “It’s really tight.  I heard boys love anal sex because it feels tighter.” She said to the camera.  “I don’t know though, I think it might hurt, I haven’t tried it yet.” She lied.  She couldn’t show more than that just yet, she wanted to draw it out, really make her fans wait.  She wanted them really horny for when she finally went nude and eventually even hardcore.  It aroused her thinking about it.  “So we’re done shooting the cover right?”  She asked.  “Let’s just go on to start the next video then.” She said and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her ass and pussy.

June 27, 2011

Tasting Rei

She found him waiting for her when she got out of the shower.  Saying he was really aroused the last time he saw her nude, Shinji put his hands on her gently pressed her against the wall.  Confused and uncertain as to what to say, Rei blushed and looked down on him as he proceeded to lick her nipples.  Holding her pale, wet and naked body, he tasted her tender tits and stiffening nipples.  “They’re… you’re… you’re really great Rei,  much better than Asuka.  Much sexier and more beautiful than her.” He said glancing up at her, then continuing to enjoy her breasts.  Rei looked at him concerned, she didn’t think he could be so direct.  His tongue felt really good and she felt a warmth rising within herself.  “Don’t worry Rei, I’ll make you feel really good.” He said, momentarily looking up at her again.  He licked lower and lower, down her stomach and past her navel.   “So this is sex.” she whispered as the pleasure slowly overwhelmed her.
Licking Rei's tender tits

June 17, 2011

Tied and Raped Rei

Rei - Bound and Used
“Pull her up a bit more, yeah, there we go.  Come on bitch, turn your head back around here, take that cock in your mouth.  Fucking useless whore…” 
“This is pretty wild, are you sure it’s okay to do this?” 
“Yeah, wasn’t me that tied her up like this.”
“Who then? Asuka?” 
“Yeah, crazy bitch, didn’t know she hated Rei this much.  Said we could do anything we want with her.  Was here just a minute ago, she went looking for more horny guys. She really wants to see this blue haired bitch abused. It’s gonna be a real gang bang once she gets back.”

Asuka Bondage Gallery

 Even though they had finally captured her, they still couldn’t fully enjoy her body.  The angry bitch was out of control, too dangerous to fuck.  First, they had to tame her.  Thus, they kept her bound for days.  Posing her in all kinds of lewd ways, in her plug-suit, with her legs spread, tits exposed and ass thrust outwards.  Constantly, they took photographs of her, humiliating and degrading her.  Whenever they got tired of hearing her insults, they kept her gagged.  She felt them tighten the ropes against her limbs as she tried to pull back, causing them to pull them against her even tighter.  Once they had her sufficiently restrained, they’d feel up and touch her helpless body, enjoying the angry looks she gave them.  They masturbated in front of the bound bitch, leaving her tied up in the same uncomfortable position for hours after they had finished.  With time, she grew tired of resisting, letting them pose her as they pleased.  Defeated, she knew that soon they would start to truly defile her body. 

June 15, 2011

Venus Restrained

 “Ah, let me go you perverts! Let me go!” Sailor Venus shouted as she struggled with her tied wrists.  Her legs thrashed around as she tried to get up.  “Relax, bitch.” They called back at her, “we’ll be done with you soon.”  Having captured, stripped and restrained her, they now wanted to satisfy their lustful desires.  “It’s not easy to capture a Sailor Senshi you know.  It’s no wonder the Dark Kingdom offers such big rewards for you bitches.  We’re not gonna give you up to them just yet though.  We deserve an extra special prize for capturing the goddess of love and beauty.  Don’t worry, we won’t ruin you sexy body.  Look, see, we even kept your outfit undamaged and in one piece.  We’re just gonna have some fun for a while before we put it back on you and hand you off for our bounty.  Be a good girl now and keep those legs spread, you don’t want to end up with any scratches or bruises.  They don’t pay as much for damaged merchandise, you know.  Of course, they can be quite rough with their goods once they’ve received them, sexual torture and rape being the norm for Sailor Senshi.  So be grateful you’ll be getting a nice gentle fuck from us here first.”

Cosplay Slut Jupiter

Mako really liked how much attention she was getting.  Everyone was taking pictures of her sexy body.  She didn’t mind if some of them even zoomed in on her barely covered tits and pussy.  She had made this special slutier version of her outfit just for this event, knowing fans of Sailor Jupiter would really enjoy it.  Her nipples poked through her tight top as her big breasts almost spilled out of it.  They called out to her, saying she was the best and sexiest Sailor Jupiter cosplayer they had ever seen.  She smiled and struck all kinds of poses for them.  There was still a whole day to go and already several guys had groped her ass while others tried to rub and press against her tits in the crowd.  She knew she was a pervert for enjoying that kind of thing but it aroused her to no end.   She kept hearing guys whispering to each other about how great her legs, thighs, tits and ass looked.  Others speculated about whether she had fully shaven her pussy and pointed out that she wasn’t even wearing a bra.  It made her wonder if any of them would go further than just trying to feel her up.

June 8, 2011

Submissive Injured Rei

Even in her injured state, they did not cease sexually abusing her.  They ripped up her plug suit to expose her breasts.  Enjoying the sight of them, they masturbated over her bandaged up but still sexy body.  Having gotten sufficiently hard, one of them stepped up to her.  She knew the routine and leaned towards him, thrusting her chest outward.  Glancing at her soft tits tangled in the torn up fibers of her plug suit, he put his penis to her mouth.  She felt it on her tongue but did not recoil at the taste of it, instead sitting still submissively.  She looked away and let him rub against it.  She was grateful that they did not fuck her this time for the pain of her injuries would have made it uncomfortable.  After a few moments, she felt the warmth of his semen dripping and pouring out on to it.   She waited until he finished so as to swallow his load.  

June 1, 2011

Cum Rivals

“So much cum, my tongue really felt good, didn’t it?” Sailor Moon asked.  “Nah, it was my tongue on his balls that really made him shoot out so much!” Sailor Jupiter intervened.  “No way Mako-chan, he was looking into my pretty big blue eyes the whole time.  He really loved my oral skills!”  “Sure, sure, but it wouldn’t have worked without my testicle technique.” Jupiter said back.  “I’ll make him want more by swallowing this load.” Sailor Moon proclaimed.  “There would have been even more if I had used my tits.”  Sailor Jupiter said as she licked some off her lips.  “Let’s decide it with these other two.  I’ll show you my true talents!”  “Alright.” Sailor Moon accepted. “We’ll do out best!” they both exclaimed.

Cum Orgasm Venus

As the moment came, she let out a loud cry of ecstasy, a moan of pure pleasure.  Riding the stranger’s penis, Sailor Venus had finally managed to induce his ejaculation.  As his friends now too shot their semen all over her, she felt his warm sperm filling her womb.  As a cum and cock addicted slut, this was the kind of moment she constantly longed for.  This was what she ceaselessly sought and lived for, an intense orgasm that reverberated throughout her entire body.  Her pussy twitched instinctively, squeezed and milked the dick inside her while her skin felt the warmth of their thick cum splashing on to it.  Her head tilted back, she thrust her big breasts outward, letting their tender sensitive skin feel the thick cum splatter upon them.  This simultaneous group orgasm immersed her in sexual energy.   She wanted this moment to last forever.  
Cum Slut Sailor Venus

May 31, 2011

Good Girl Mercury

“There we go, you’re a good girl now, aren’t you?” the big monsterous creature remarked as he patted Sailor Mercury’s head.  “Y-Yes, I- I’m a good girl” she answered back, trembling.  “You really like the taste of our disgusting penises, don’t you?” he asked.  “Yes, Y-Yes, I l-like them.” She replied, looking straight ahead, trying not to look down at what she was putting her tongue on.  “How many cum loads has our little blue haired cutie swallowed so far?” he inquired.  “I-I… six… umm seven, I, I don’t know…” she tried to answer.  “That many already? You must really love the taste of it, then.  Wouldn’t have thought Sailor Mercury was such a cum loving slut.  You really do enjoy how thick our sperm feels in your mouth, don’t ya?”  “No, I… it’s not like that” she said blushing.  “Alright, alright, maybe you’ve had enough.  Let’s have you lie back and see how much you like having it fill up your pussy.”

Enjoying Mercury

With her hands gripping it tightly, Sailor Mercury sucks the tip of her assailant’s penis, her tongue licking it in her mouth.  Beating her in battle, he promised to spare her life if she did a good job of servicing him sexually.  With her Senshi outfit torn, her mind and body weakened and broken, she had no choice but to agree.  Eating out her ass and pussy, he feasts on the juices of her tight and wet holes.  While she submissively arouses his cock, he probes his tongue deep inside her.  Despite having already ejaculated twice, he still desires more of her body.  Blushing as his tongue excites her vaginal senses, Mercury feels hot sperm erupting inside her mouth, splashing against her tongue.  Thus, she swallows yet another thick, warm cum load.  With his dick still hard, she knows it won’t be the last.   Trying not to give in to the pleasure of his oral stimulation, she wonders how much longer she’ll still have to endure this.

January 5, 2011

Cum Slut Sailor Moon

“More, more, give me more!” Sailor Moon cried out, moaning.  She was totally lost in the moment.  She had lost track of how many had ejaculated on her already or how many she had sucked off.  She was loving every minute of it, she had become a truly cock hungry slut.  She loved the taste of sperm and how warm it felt every time it splashed on her face and body.  Her outfit, skirt and gloves were totally soaked with their semen, making them stick messily to her skin.  She spread her legs and stuck out her tongue, looking longingly at those who already had their turn, hoping to get them hard again.  She wanted more of their thick cum all over herself.  As another load poured into her mouth, she swallowed. A cum-drunk slut, she wanted to stay like this forever.