April 18, 2012

A Day with Rei and Asuka

“We’re here!” Announced Asuka as she and Rei walked in to the bathroom.  Having just finished taking a shower, Shinji jumped, startled in surprise.  They were both totally naked, their breasts and pussies fully visible.  Rei stood there silently, squeezing her tits together as Asuka walked up to him.  She began rubbing her body against his.  “I know it was just supposed to be us two together today, but I decided to invite her over.  You’re always glancing at her after all, probably wondering how she looks naked.  Not like it’d let you fuck that pale bitch of course, but nothing wrong with a bit of teasing fun, right?” “I… um… sure…” Shinji stuttered, feeling Asuka’s bare brests pressing against his back.  “So get over her already!” Asuka exclaimed, motioning to Rei, telling her to get in front of Shinji.  “There, now look at that skinny, pale body.  Don’t you just wish you could stick your hard dick right inside her fresh, tight pussy?” She continued as she grabbed Rei by the arm, pulling her closer and right up against him.  “I-It’s hard.” Rei said as she glanced down at his now fully erect penis.  “Yup, he’s such a pervert.  Probably dreaming about raping you right now, not that he’s man enough to do it though, haha.  The girl he’s secretly been dreaming of, all naked before him and he won’t even lay a hand on her!” Asuka said as she proceeded to put her hands on his balls, gently feeling them with her fingers.  “Let’s dry him up with our bodies and make his dreams come true!”
            Finishing with their nude teasing, Asuka suggested they give him a bit of a lesbian show.  “So what do you want to see us do, Shinji?  What kind of pose do you want to see us in?” she asked.  Shaking and nervous, he could barely speak.  “It’s probably the only time in your miserable life you’ll get to see two beautiful, nude, young bitches like this, so come on!” Eventually, however, he managed to explain his simple fantasy, getting them lying down on top of each other.  “Like this?” Rei asked as she pressed her breasts and nude body against Asuka’s.  Asuka blushed slightly as she put her hand on Rei’s thigh.  “Wow, she feels really nice and soft, kind of cold but it’s really nice.  It really is different with a girl…” she thought as her nipples rubbed against Rei’s.  “I really want to try this, I wish I could kiss her, hold her tightly.  I don’t want Shinji to see me like that though…He’ll enjoy it too much.”  She thought.  “N-No… not like that, the other way around.  Y-You know, that 69 thing, I… I want to see you girls tasting each other.” Shinji said as he began masturbating.  “Oh, right.  Okay, let’s go on the couch then.” Asuka said as she pushed Rei off herself.
            “You first.” She said as she pointed for Rei to lie down.  Next, she got on top of her.  “Okay, let’s just get this over with, don’t know why I even thought of giving you such a gift… ahhh, mhmm.” Asuka was saying just as Rei ran her tongue across her pussy, making her moan loudly.  “Fuck… t-thisss, this feels, it feels really good!” Asuka cried out as Rei licked at her cunt.  “I-I want to see you too, Asuka.  You too, you do it too.  I want to see you licking another girl’s pussy, Asuka.” Shinji told her.  “Okay, okay, I-I’ll …. Mhmm ahh… I’ll try…” She replied, putting her head down between Rei’s legs, first spreading her pink slit with her fingers, then licking it.  Rei barely reacted, however, continuing to pleasure her with her mouth and tongue.  “It’s really great, it’s beautiful to see you like this.”  Shinji said.  He stepped towards them, getting behind Asuka, putting his hands on her hips, pressing his hard cock against her ass.  “Ahh, what? No, not my ass, not like this.  We haven’t tried anal yet!  Ahhh, mmmm.”  She tried to protest in-between her moans as she lifted her head up from Rei’s pussy.  Ignoring her, he pushed the tip of his penis against her anus, slowly pushing it inside her.  “Ahhh, nooo, it hurts, don’t!” she cried out.  “Don’t worry Asuka, I’ll make you feel good.  I want to make your ass feel good too, as good as your pussy.”  He told her as he pushed his cock slowly inside her.  “Ah, it’s really tight, much better than your pussy, Asuka.  It feels amazing!  Me and Rei will make you feel good Asuka, just let us enjoy your body.”  “Noooo, it’s too much, too much!” She cried out as her mind went blank.  She never thought her first time with a girl and her first anal sex would give her so much pleasure.  Her pussy was wet and twitching while her ass squeezed Shinji’s cock tightly, milking it.  She let her body relax and take it, letting her mind go blank.  She never expected that at the end of the day, it would be her who would end up loosing control like this.

April 6, 2012

Sexual Reward

Finding Sailor Moon and Venus in the dark prince’s chambers and saving them from his clutches, Tuxedo Mask was ready to lead them out of the evil dimension.  Drugged with a mystical aphrodisiac however, they were both being prepared for a night of sexual passion.  Venus had laid herself on the bed, begging for him to penetrate her.  Sailor Moon sat next to her, rubbing her own pussy under her skirt.  She pulled her outfit up to expose her breasts.  Not to be outdone and to entice him further, Sailor Venus ripped the top of her own outfit, exposing her tits.  “Please, fuck me, stick it in my pussy!” she begged.  Sailor Moon sat quietly, blushing and still masturbating her pussy, glancing down at her sex crazed friend.  As Tuxedo Mask stepped closer, Sailor Moon reached for his pants, unzipping them and pulling out his erect penis.  She ran her gloved hands over it, grasping it, jerking it.  “It’s so hard” she whispered as Venus cried out again: “Please, put it in me, fuck my slut pussy!”  He moved towards her, standing between her spread open legs, pushing his cock into her already wet cunt.  “Ahhhh, yessssss!” she cried out as it’s whole length slipped easily into her.  She moaned as her tits jumped with each thrust.  Meanwhile, Sailor Moon moved in closer.  “Me too” she said as she moved her lips to his, opening her mouth as their tongues met in a lewd kiss.  She too was moaning now as he began playing and fondling her breasts.  He knew these two beautiful blond bitches were his to do with as he pleased.  He could hardly wait to try out Sailor Moon’s pussy once he was done with Venus.  “No”, he thought, her ass, first he’d take her anal virginity or maybe have them give a lesbian show…