July 4, 2011

Tentacle Restrained and Raped

Sailor Moon - Assaulted by Tentacles
Sailor Moon was scared, she was petrified, shaking with fear.  She was held down and helpless.  Slimy, moist tentacles were wrapping themselves over her whole body.  Tighter and tighter around her arms and legs, holding her down and ready to firm up if she moved too much.  She felt them rubbing against her breasts and pussy beneath her outfit.  She had seen what such tentacles can do, having seen her friends raped, penetrated and even impregnated by them.  They could even snake their way all the way through a girl, violating her insides.  Usually, she was the one to save them.  Now, however, she was finally caught all alone.  She felt them pushing down her throat, ejaculating a thick, hot liquid.  She tried shaking her head, struggling against the pressure.  It was no use, she felt the tentacles around her throat tighten.  If she kept resisting, they would strangle and suffocate her.  There was no choice but to remain passive, letting herself be raped and used.  Her eyes teared-up as she realized she might have to endure this for a long time to come.

Video Tease Slut Sailor Moon

“Yes, that’s it, just a bit more, bend over a bit more.  That’s great, keep it like that.”  The photographer called to Sailor Moon.  Her nipples and pussy almost showing through the tight outfit, with her ass pushing out from under her skirt, she was posing for the cover of her latest erotic video series.  Even though it was mostly tease shots of her tits giggling with various views up her skirt, she still wanted her fans to enjoy it as much as they could without seeing her fully nude yet.  She even lied in the video’s opening interview, saying she didn’t have a boyfriend and was still a virgin.  Although her sluty poses and body might betray her, she knew it would make her all the more desirable.  She looked over her shoulder and tried to make a cute face as the camera panned up over her legs to her ass.  “We can use this for the ‘behind-the-scenes/making-off’ section of the video” the photographer said, now using a video camera.  The frame moved over her tiny panties, barely covering her pussy with just a string going over her anus.  “How about spreading your ass a bit? “ He said.  “Sure” she replied, doing so.  She really wanted her fans to enjoy every part of her.  “It’s really tight.  I heard boys love anal sex because it feels tighter.” She said to the camera.  “I don’t know though, I think it might hurt, I haven’t tried it yet.” She lied.  She couldn’t show more than that just yet, she wanted to draw it out, really make her fans wait.  She wanted them really horny for when she finally went nude and eventually even hardcore.  It aroused her thinking about it.  “So we’re done shooting the cover right?”  She asked.  “Let’s just go on to start the next video then.” She said and pulled her panties to the side, exposing her ass and pussy.