February 17, 2012

Passive Whore Ayanami

Rei could feel his cock pushing in and out of her pussy.  An older man she didn’t even know was fucking her.  She stared blankly through him, waiting for him to be done with her.  Her silence made the wet sex noises of her penetration all the more apparent.  He grunted as he finally ejaculated, filling her pussy.  He quickly pulled out and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head to his dick.  The last cum shots splashing on Rei’s face.  Having finished with her, he left a pile of money.  She didn’t bother to count it, knowing she won’t get a penny of it anyways.
Once the day is over, Ritsuko or Misato would come to collect it, often calling her a good little whore for having earned it.  If it’s Ritsuko, she’ll also give her birth control pills and take blood samples to check whether she’s been infected with any sexual diseases.   It reminded her how Asuka brought in some boys from her class once, telling them they could freely enjoy her body.  All three of them ended up having a turn at her pussy, ejaculating inside her with Asuka’s encouragement.  It was the fourth time she had gotten pregnant.  She still remembered how hard Ritsuko slapped her afterwards.  Not for the impregnation, for that she gave her a ‘morning after’ pill, but for letting them go without even asking for payment.
Before her thoughts on the matter could continue, two new clients came in.  She lay on the bed, waiting for them to use her.  They took turns fucking her ass and pussy.  She heard them complain about how “this bitch is so quiet, can’t get a response out of her.” “Yeah, she’s like a lifeless fuck doll”.  They moved on to double-teaming her, one forced his penis in her mouth, the other in her pussy.  Thrusting into her until they both ejaculated their loads.  Still not satisfied, one of them slammed his fist into the side of her head, punching her hard.  “Dumb bitch, it’s more fun raping some random whore than using this pale cunt.” “Yeah, let’s go,” the other one remarked.  She ignored them and turned away as they left, waiting for whoever came next…

February 9, 2012

Cum Slut Sailor Jupiter

 “Wow, she looks even better than I imagined!”
“Yeah, just look at her face, she’s a true cum crazed whore!”
“I love how she holds her tits up like that, she really like feeling our hot cum splashing all over them, huh?”
“Totally, just look at how she swirls her tongue, this bitch wants to taste it all.”
“She looks amazing!  I can’t wait to blast my sperm in this slut’s face!  I wish I could fuck her too.”
“That’s later, after the bukkake.  This bitch likes to fuck after her body is all sticky with cum.” 
“Wow, that’s so perverted, what a filthy slut!”

Anorexic Asuka

Having fallen into a deep depression, Asuka had lost her appetite and stopped eating.  At NERV, her sync-rate had fallen beyond acceptable levels.  She overheard Ritsuko call her a useless bitch who’s more trouble than she’s worth, calling for her worthless ass to be deported.  She needed to clear her mind, only the physical sensation of sex could do that for her.  Walking up to Shinji, she showed off her tits and pussy.  “I need it again.” She told him.  “Fuck me.”she said.  He stared up at her gaunt and skinny body. “You look terrible, Asuka.” he replied.  “I don’t want to hear it.  Do it, okay, just fuck me.” She continued.  “Nah, leave me alone, just go eat something, okay?” Shinji told her.  Still not satisfied, she went on: “Fine, I’ll let you do it, I’ll let you cum inside…”  Her voice trailed off as he asked “What?”  She started again: “I’ll let you cum inside me, You can cum inside my pussy if you want.  It doesn’t matter to me, you can fuck me bare.  No condoms. Okay?”  She put her hand between her legs, over her pussy, spreading her fingers and revealing her pink opening, hoping to entice him further.  Now he felt sorry for her, she had sunk so low as to not even care if she got pregnant.  Those thoughts quickly escaped his mind, however, as he felt his penis harden at the thought of ejaculating into her.  Although her body felt like just skin and bones, he hoped her cunt still felt as good as it used to.