January 5, 2011

Cum Slut Sailor Moon

“More, more, give me more!” Sailor Moon cried out, moaning.  She was totally lost in the moment.  She had lost track of how many had ejaculated on her already or how many she had sucked off.  She was loving every minute of it, she had become a truly cock hungry slut.  She loved the taste of sperm and how warm it felt every time it splashed on her face and body.  Her outfit, skirt and gloves were totally soaked with their semen, making them stick messily to her skin.  She spread her legs and stuck out her tongue, looking longingly at those who already had their turn, hoping to get them hard again.  She wanted more of their thick cum all over herself.  As another load poured into her mouth, she swallowed. A cum-drunk slut, she wanted to stay like this forever.