March 6, 2013

Pregnant Prostitution

          They were all whores in need of cash.  There was no faster way to earn it than to let as many men cum inside their cunts as possible.  Sailor Mercury ended up pregnant first.  This wasn’t surprising.  After all, the cute bitch has the most fans wanting to try out her fresh, tight, young blue haired pussy.  In the first week alone, twice as many guys ejaculated inside her cunt as any of the other Sailor Sluts combined.  Everyone wanted to be the lucky one to seed her willing womb.  
Next was Jupiter, her fertile womb inseminated with triplets.  As much as all the guys wanted to cum all over her tits, they always stuffed their cocks in her cunt after a good tit fuck, shooting off loads of semen inside of her. Her swelling pregnant belly soon complimented her big tits nicely.  Guys loved cuming all over it just as much as on her breasts.  Sailor Moon was apprehensive at first but once she found out she was pregnant too, she happily milked cock after hard cock with her horny pussy.  For Venus and Mars, pregnancy was nothing new.  Both experienced sluts who fucked around before whoring as they were now, they had been pregnant before.  Even though both also had abortions for their first pregnancies, they decided to keep and birth their current whore babies.  They were making more money being fucked as pregnant bitches and wanted to draw out the profits for as long as possible. 
Thus, so they continued for weeks on end, sucking off cocks and letting the sperm splatter all over their pregnant bellies.  Letting others fuck and overflow their prego pussies while grabbing their milk swollen tits.  All moaning with cum splashing everywhere, they carried on with their group fuck prego get-togethers. Soon, however, their customers became tired of just fucking the pregnant bitches.  Bringing in some bondage gear, they got more playful with them.  Mercury got it the worst.  Since she was being fucked the most, all kinds of things were tried on her.  Whips, chains, gags and numerous types of restraints were put on the helpless prego whore. It was a rare treat for them to get the chance to exploit a pregnant bitch like this.  Even her tits ended up getting milked during some of her fuck sessions.  There was more at work here than just a sadistic desire to abuse a submissive bitch, however.  With Mercury being the most vocal about wanting to terminate her pregnancy no matter how far along her pregnancy was, her admirers, fans and customers decided to take matters into their own hands.  The bitch would be kept bound, fucked and passed around until her nine months were up, forcing the whore to take responsibility for allowing her womb to be impregnated.  The others didn’t much care for her ordeal.  Moon was addicted to cocks and thus too distracted to care, while Mars and Venus would give birth anyways so they didn’t see why Mercury shouldn’t.  They even loved seeing Mercury forced into such degrading situations as punishment for not wanting to join them. Jupiter, meanwhile, was fascinated by her own pregnant self and couldn’t wait for the experience of squeezing out three in a row, wondering if she’d be strong enough to do so.  
Fun with prego Mercury


  1. Nice. I like the extra sadism on everyone's part towards Ami, too. It's great that everyone else was happy to see her fucked over, too.

  2. If they'll have daughters, they can always educate them and train for being sluts as well when they'll grow up.